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Separable Gaussian Process Interpolation (Emulation)

Data.1D.modelSynthetic model output for a simple 1-parameter ensemble...
Data.1D.parParameter settings for 1-parameter ensemble model output in...
Data.AR1Korea.modelKorean modelled temperature variability and future change
Data.AR1Korea.parKorean temperature variability parameters
Data.Sicopolis.modelSICOPOLIS model ensemble output
Data.Sicopolis.parSICOPOLIS model ensemble parameter settings
Data.UVic.modelUVic ESCM climate model ensemble output
Data.UVic.parUVic ESCM climate model ensemble parameter settings
emul.1DEmulator of model for the 1-parameter example
emulatorFunction to fit an emulator to ensemble model output
emul.predictTo predict using an emulator (Deprecated)
emul.SicopolisSICOPOLIS ice sheet model emulator
predict.emulPredict Method for an Emulator
rsurface.plotTo produce a response surface plot of the emulator
sep.covConstruct time and parameter covariance matrices
stilt-internalInternal Stilt Functions
stilt-packageSeparable Gaussian Process Emulator
test.allTo test an emulator using leave-one-out cross-validation
test.csvTo cross-validate a Gaussian Process emulator
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