Man pages for stm
Estimation of the Structural Topic Model

alignCorpusAlign the vocabulary of a new corpus to an old corpus
asSTMCorpusSTM Corpus Coercion
calcfrexCalculate FREX (FRequency and EXclusivity) Words
calcliftCalculate Lift Words
calcscoreCalculate Score Words
checkBetaLooks for words that load exclusively onto a topic
checkResidualsResidual dispersion test for topic number
cloudPlot a wordcloud
convertCorpusConvert 'stm' formatted documents to another format
estimateEffectEstimates regressions using an STM object
findThoughtsFind Thoughts
findTopicFind topics that contain user specified words.
fitNewDocumentsFit New Documents
gadarianGadarian and Albertson data
js.estimateA James-Stein Estimator Shrinking to a Uniform Distribution
labelTopicsLabel topics
makeDesignMatrixMake a Design Matrix
make.dtMake a 'data.table' of topic proportions.
make.heldoutHeldout Likelihood by Document Completion
manyTopicsPerforms model selection across separate STM's that each...
multiSTMAnalyze Stability of Local STM Mode
optimizeDocumentOptimize Document
permutationTestPermutation test of a binary covariate.
plot.estimateEffectPlot effect of covariates on topics
plotModelsPlots semantic coherence and exclusivity for high likelihood...
plot.MultimodDiagnosticPlotting Method for Multimodality Diagnostic Objects
plotQuotePlots strings
plotRemovedPlot documents, words and tokens removed at various word...
plot.searchKPlots diagnostic values resulting from searchK
plot.STMFunctions for plotting STM objects
plot.STMpermutePlot an STM permutation test.
plot.topicCorrPlot a topic correlation graph
plotTopicLoessPlot some effects with loess
poliblog5kCMU 2008 Political Blog Corpus
prepDocumentsPrepare documents for analysis with 'stm'
readCorpusRead in a corpus file.
readLdacRead in a .ldac Formatted File
rmvnormDraw from a Multivariate Normal
sMake a B-spline Basis Function
sageLabelsDisplays verbose labels that describe topics and...
searchKComputes diagnostic values for models with different values...
selectModelAssists the user in selecting the best STM model.
semanticCoherenceSemantic Coherence
stmVariational EM for the Structural Topic Model
stm-packageStructural Topic Model
summary.estimateEffectSummary for estimateEffect
summary.STMSummary Function for the STM objects
textProcessorProcess a vector of raw texts
thetaPosteriorDraw from Theta Posterior
toLDAvisWrapper to launch LDAvis topic browser.
topicCorrEstimate topic correlation
topicLassoPlot predictions using topics
topicQualityPlots semantic coherence and exclusivity for each topic.
unpack.glmnetUnpack a 'glmnet' object
writeLdacWrite a .ldac file
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