storr_external: Storr that kooks for external resources

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storr for fetching external resources. This driver is used where will try to fetch from an external data source if a resource can not be found locally. This works by checking to see if a key is present in the storr (and if so returning it). If it is not found, then the function fetch_hook is run to fetch it.


storr_external(storage_driver, fetch_hook, default_namespace = "objects")



Another storr driver to handle the actual storage.


A function to run to fetch data when a key is not found in the store. This function must take arguments key and namespace and return an R object. It must throw an error if the external resource cannot be resolved.


Default namespace (see storr)


See the vignette vignette("external") for much more detail. This function is likely most useful for things like caching resources from websites, or computing long-running quantities on demand.

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