Man pages for stringdist
Approximate String Matching, Fuzzy Text Search, and String Distance Functions

afindStringdist-based fuzzy text search
amatchApproximate string matching
phoneticPhonetic algorithms
printable_asciiDetect the presence of non-printable or non-ascii characters
qgramsGet a table of qgram counts from one or more character...
seq_amatchApproximate matching for integer sequences.
seq_distCompute distance metrics between integer sequences
seq_qgramsGet a table of qgram counts for integer sequences
seq_simCompute similarity scores between sequences of integers
stringdistCompute distance metrics between strings
stringdist-apiCalling stringdist from 'C' or 'C++'
stringdist-encodingString metrics in 'stringdist'
stringdist-metricsString metrics in 'stringdist'
stringdist-packageA package for string distance calculation and approximate...
stringdist-parallelizationMultithreading and parallelization in 'stringdist'
stringsimCompute similarity scores between strings
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