Man pages for stringr
Simple, Consistent Wrappers for Common String Operations

caseConvert case of a string.
invert_matchSwitch location of matches to location of non-matches.
modifiersControl matching behaviour with modifier functions.
pipePipe operator
str_cJoin multiple strings into a single string.
str_convSpecify the encoding of a string.
str_countCount the number of matches in a string.
str_detectDetect the presence or absence of a pattern in a string.
str_dupDuplicate and concatenate strings within a character vector.
str_extractExtract matching patterns from a string.
str_flattenFlatten a string
str_glueFormat and interpolate a string with glue
stringr-dataSample character vectors for practicing string manipulations.
stringr-packagestringr: Simple, Consistent Wrappers for Common String...
str_interpString interpolation.
str_lengthThe length of a string.
str_locateLocate the position of patterns in a string.
str_matchExtract matched groups from a string.
str_orderOrder or sort a character vector.
str_padPad a string.
str_removeRemove matched patterns in a string.
str_replaceReplace matched patterns in a string.
str_replace_naTurn NA into "NA"
str_splitSplit up a string into pieces.
str_startsDetect the presence or absence of a pattern at the beginning...
str_subExtract and replace substrings from a character vector.
str_subsetKeep strings matching a pattern, or find positions.
str_trimTrim whitespace from a string
str_truncTruncate a character string.
str_viewView HTML rendering of regular expression match.
str_wrapWrap strings into nicely formatted paragraphs.
wordExtract words from a sentence.
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