strvalidator-package: Process Control and Internal Validation of Forensic STR Kits

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STR-validator is a free and open source R-package intended for process control and internal validation of forensic STR DNA typing kit. Its graphical user interface simplifies the analysis of data exported from e.g. GeneMapper software, without extensive knowledge about R. It provides functions to import, view, edit, and export data. After analysis the results, generated plots, heat-maps, and data can be saved in a project for easy access. Currently, analysis modules for stutter, balance, dropout, mixture, concordance, typing result, precision, pull-up, and analytical thresholds are available. In addition there are functions to analyze the GeneMapper bins- and panels files. EPG like plots can be generate from data. STR-validator can greatly increase the speed of validation by reducing the time and effort needed to analyze the validation data. It allows exploration of the characteristics of DNA typing kits according to ENFSI and SWGDAM recommendations. This facilitates the implementation of probabilistic interpretation of DNA results.

STR-validator was written and is maintained by Oskar Hansson, senior forensic scientist at Oslo University Hospital (OUS), Section for Forensic Biology. The work initially received external funding from the European Union seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no 285487 (EUROFORGEN-NoE) but development and maintenance is now performed as a part of my position at OUS, and on personal spare time.

Effort has been made to assure correct results. Refer to the main website for a list of functions specifically tested at build time.

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Created and maintained by:
Oskar Hansson, Section for Forensic Biology (OUS, Norway)

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Oskar Hansson [email protected]


Recommended Minimum Criteria for the Validation of Various Aspects of the DNA Profiling Process Validation Guidelines for Forensic DNA Analysis Methods (2012)

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