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Non-Invasive Pretty Printing of R Code

add_id_and_shortAdd column 'pos_id' and 'short'
add_line_col_to_wrapped_exprAdds line and col information to an expression from its child
add_spaces_or_newlinesConcentrate newlines or spaces in a string
add_token_terminalAdd information about previous / next token to each terminal
apply_ref_indentionApply reference indention to tokens
apply_ref_indention_oneApplying reference indention of a target token
apply_transformersApply transformers to a parse table
assert_filetypeMake sure all supplied file types are allowed
assert_textAssert text to be of positive length and replace it with the...
assert_tokensCheck token validity
bind_with_childBind a parse table with one of its children
calls_sysInvoke a system command
can_verify_roundtripCheck whether a round trip verification can be carried out
character_to_orderedConvert a character vector to an ordered factor
choose_indentionChoose the indention method for the tokens
combine_childrenCombine child and internal child
communicate_summaryCommunicate the summary of styling
communicate_warningCommunicate a warning if necessary
compute_indent_indicesCompute the indices that need indention
compute_parse_data_nestedObtain a nested parse table from a character vector
construct_outConstruct *-out.R from a *-in.R
construct_treeConstruct paths of a tree object given the paths of *-in.R...
construct_verticalConstruct an object of class vertical
contains_else_expr_that_needs_bracesCheck whether an else expression needs braces
context_to_terminalsPropagate context to terminals
context_towards_terminalsUpdate the a parse table given outer context
copy_to_tempdirCopy a file to a temporary directory
create_node_from_nestedCreate node from nested parse data
create_node_from_nested_rootConvert a nested tibble into a node tree
create_pos_idsCreate valid pos_ids if possible
create_style_guideCreate a style guide
create_tokensCreate a terminal token
create_treeCreate a tree from text
default_style_guide_attributesInitialize default style guide attributes
enhance_mapping_specialEnhance the mapping of text to the token "SPECIAL"
enrich_terminalsEnrich flattened parse table
ensure_correct_str_txtEnsure a correct 'text' of all strings
ensure_valid_pdEnsure that the parse data is valid
expressions_are_identicalCheck whether two expressions are identical
extend_if_commentFind the index of the last comment in the sequence of...
extract_terminalsExtract terminal tokens
find_block_idFind the block to which a token belongs
find_dont_seqsFind dontrun and friend sequences
find_line_break_position_in_multiline_callFind index of the token before which the line should be...
find_start_lineGet the start right
find_start_pos_idFind legit starting value for a new positional id
find_tokens_to_updateFind the tokens to update when applying a reference indention
fix_quotesReplace single quotes with double quotes
flatten_operatorsFlatten some token in the nested parse table based on...
flatten_operators_oneFlatten one level of nesting with its child
flatten_pdFlatten a parse table
generate_test_samplesGenerate a comprehensive collection test cases for comment /...
get_addins_style_transformer_nameReturn the style function or name
get_engine_patternWhat's the engine pattern for rmd code chunks?
get_knitr_patternGet chunk pattern
get_parse_dataObtain robust parse data
has_crlf_as_first_line_sepCheck if a string uses CRLF EOLs
identify_insufficiently_parsed_stingsIdentify strings that were not fully parsed
identify_raw_chunksIdentifies raw Rmd or Rnw code chunks
identify_start_to_stop_of_roxygen_examples_from_textFigure out where code examples start and stop
if_for_while_part_requires_bracesCheck if if, for or while loop expression require a braces.
initialize_attributesInitialize attributes
is_code_chunk_headerIdentify spinning code chunk header
is_shebangIdentify comments that are shebangs
is_tilde_exprCheck whether a parse table contains a tilde
lookup_new_specialLookup which new tokens were created from "SPECIAL"
lookup_tokensLookup all tokens that have a unique token-text mapping
make_transformerClosure to return a transformer function
map_filetype_to_patternMap the file type to a corresponding regular expression
match_stop_to_startMatch a stop candidate to a start
math_token_spacingSpecify spacing around math tokens
needs_indentionCheck whether indention is needed
needs_indention_oneCheck whether indention is needed
nest_parse_dataNest a flat parse table
next_non_commentFind the index of the next or previous non-comment in a parse...
next_terminalTell me what the next terminal is
parse_roxygenParse roxygen comments into text
parser_version_setWork with parser versions
parse_safelySave parsing from text
parse_transform_serialize_rParse, transform and serialize text
parse_transform_serialize_roxygenParse, transform and serialize roxygen comments
pd_isCheck whether a parse table corresponds to a certain...
pd_is_multi_lineCheck whether a parse table is a multi-line token
post_parse_roxygenChanging the line definition
prettify_anyPrettify R code in current working directory
print.verticalPrint styled code
reindentionSpecify what is re-indented how
relocate_eq_assignRelocate the expressions containing the token 'EQ_ASSIGN'...
relocate_eq_assign_nestRelocate all assignment expressions that contain 'EQ_ASSIGN'...
relocate_eq_assign_oneRelocate an assignment expression
remove_dont_maskRemove dont* mask
remove_roxygen_headerRemove roxygen header
rep_charRepeat elements of a character vector 'times' times and...
separate_chunksSeparate chunks within Rmd and Rnw contents
serialize_parse_data_flattenedSerialize flattened parse data
set_and_assert_arg_filetypeSet the file type argument
set_arg_write_treeSet the write_tree argument
set_line_break_if_call_is_multi_lineSet line break for multi-line function calls
set_multi_lineSet the multi-line column
set_regex_indentionSet indention of tokens that match regex
set_space_between_eq_sub_and_commaSet space between EQ_SUB and "','"
set_space_between_levelsSet space between levels of nesting
set_spacesHelper for setting spaces
set_style_transformersAsks the user to supply a style
set_unindention_childUnindent a child if necessary
split_roxygen_segmentsSplit text into roxygen and non-roxygen example segments
start_comments_with_spaceStart comments with a space
style_active_pkgWrapper around 'style_pkg()' for access via Addin.
style_dirPrettify arbitrary R code
style_fileStyle '.R', '.Rmd' or '.Rnw' files
style_guidesStyle guides
style_pkgPrettify R source code
styler_addinsStylers for RStudio Addins
style_roxygen_code_exampleStyle a roxygen code example that may contain dontrun and...
style_roxygen_code_example_segmentStyle a roxygen code example segment
style_roxygen_example_snippetGiven a code snippet is dont* or run, style it
styler-packageNon-invasive pretty printing of R code
style_selectionStyles the highlighted selection in a '.R' or '.Rmd' file.
style_space_around_math_tokenStyle spacing around math tokens
style_space_around_tokenSet spacing of token to a certain level
style_textStyle a string
test_collectionRun a collection of tests
testthat_fileCreate the path to a test that file
test_transformerTransforming test input with a transformer function
tidyverse_styleThe tidyverse style
tokenizeObtain token table from text
transform_and_checkTransform a file an check the result
transform_codeTransform code from R, Rmd or Rnw files
transform_fileTransform a file and output a customized message
transform_filesTransform files with transformer functions
transform_mixedTransform mixed contents
transform_utf8Apply a function to the contents of a file
try_transform_as_r_fileStyle a file as if it was an .R file
two_cols_matchCheck whether two columns match
unindent_childUnindent a child
unindent_fun_decRevert the indention of function declaration header
update_indentionUpdate indention information of parse data
update_indention_refUpdate the indention reference
update_newlinesUpdate the newlines attribute
validate_new_pos_idsValidate sequence of new position ids
verify_roundtripVerify the styling
visitVisit'em all
visit_oneTransform a flat parse table with a list of transformers
wrap_else_multiline_curlyAdd curly braces to else
wrap_expr_in_curlyWrap an expression in curly braces
wrap_expr_in_exprWrap an expression into an expression
wrap_if_else_while_for_multi_line_in_curlyWrap if-else, while and for statements in curly braces
wrap_multiline_curlyWrap a multi-line statement in curly braces
wrap_subexpr_in_curlyWrap a sub-expression in curly braces
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