enrich_terminals: Enrich flattened parse table

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Enriches a flattened parse table with terminals only. In particular, it is possible to compute the exact position a token will have (line and column) when it will be serialized.


enrich_terminals(flattened_pd, use_raw_indention = FALSE)



A nested parse table that was turned into a flat parse table using extract_terminals().


Boolean indicating whether or not the raw indention should be used.


Since we have only terminal tokens now, the line on which a token starts we also be the line on which it ends. We call line1 the line on which the token starts. line1 has the same meaning as line1 that can be found in a flat parse table (see tokenize()), just that the line1 created by enrich_terminals() is the updated version of the former line1. The same applies for col1 and col2. Note that this function does remove the columns indent and spaces. All information of the former is stored in lag_spaces now. The later was removed because it is redundant after adding the column lag_spaces, which is more convenient to work with, in particular when serializing the parse table.

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