clustering_from_file: Reads a Clustering Object from a File

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Reads a File and creates an object of class subspace_clustering from that.


clustering_from_file(file_path, index_starts_at = 0, dim = NULL)



The path to the File from which the clustering should be read


The index used in the file to refer to the first object in The data matrix


if provided, overrides any value for dim that is found in the first line of the file


Files must have the following Format: The first line contains the substring "DIM=*dim*;" where *dim* is the number of dimensions of the data set.

Each subsequent line corresponds to a cluster and contains only numbers separated by spaces. The first *dim* of these values have to be either '0' or '1' and indicate in which subspace a cluster exists. All other values in the line have to be the row numbers of the objects that the cluster contains. Row numbers in the file are assumed to be 0-indexed and are changed to 1-indexed as they are loaded into R. This can be changed with the parameter index_starts_at. E.g. a clustering for a three-dimensional dataset with one cluster that is in the first and third dimension and contains the first, second and 1337-th object has to be represented as:

1 0 1 0 1 1336

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