clustering_to_file: Write a Subspace Clustering to Disk

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Write a Subspace Clustering to Disk


clustering_to_file(clustering, file_path, index_should_start_at = 0)



a subspace clustering object as generated by one of the functions from the subspace package


the path to the file into which the clustering should be written


the value that is used to refer to the first value in the dataset.


By default, R uses the value 1 when referring to the first object in a data frame or array, while most other languages use 0. To make working with this convention easy, clusterings written to disk are converted to this 0-indexing System. The standard parameter for the corresponding function clustering_from_file is set in such a way that files read will automatically be converted to 1-indexes, which means that you should never need to change this parameter if you work exclusively with the subspace package.

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