Man pages for supclust
Supervised Clustering of Predictor Variables such as Genes

back.searchInternal functions for Supervised Grouping
coef.peloraExtract the Model Coefficients of Pelora
dldaClassification with Wilma's Clusters
fitted.peloraExtract the Fitted Values of Pelora
fitted.wilmaExtract the Fitted Values of Wilma
leukemiaA part of the Golub's famous AML/ALL-leukemia dataset
marginClassification Margin Between Two Sample Classes
peloraSupervised Grouping of Predictor Variables
plot.pelora2-Dimensional Visualization of Pelora's Output
plot.wilma2-Dimensional Visualization of Wilma's Output
predict.peloraPredict Method for Pelora
predict.wilmaPredict Method for Wilma
print.peloraPrint Method for Pelora Objects
print.wilmaPrint Method for Wilma Objects
scoreWilcoxon Score for Binary Problems
sign.changeSign-flipping of Predictor Variables to Obtain Equal Polarity
signflipSign-flipping of Predictor Variables to Obtain Equal Polarity
standardize.genesStandardization of Predictor Variables
summary.peloraSummary Method for Pelora Objects
summary.wilmaSummary Method for Wilma Objects
wilmaSupervised Clustering of Predictor Variables
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