Man pages for superml
Build Machine Learning Models Like Using Python's Scikit-Learn Library in R

bm25Best Matching(BM25) - Deprecated
bm_25BM25 Matching
check_packageInternal function
CounterCalculate count of values in a list or vector
CountVectorizerCount Vectorizer
createFoldsInternal function
dotDot product similarity in vectors
dotmatDot product similarity between a vector and matrix
GridSearchCVGrid Search CV
kFoldMeankFoldMean Calculator
KMeansTrainerK-Means Trainer
KNNTrainerK Nearest Neighbours Trainer
LabelEncoderLabel Encoder
LMTrainerLinear Models Trainer
NBTrainerNaive Bayes Trainer
RandomSearchCVRandom Search CV
RFTrainerRandom Forest Trainer
smoothMeansmoothMean Calculator
testdataInternal function
TfIdfVectorizerTfIDF(Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency) Vectorizer
XGBTrainerExtreme Gradient Boosting Trainer
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