gse3143pheno: Phenotype data of GSE3143

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Data such as patients' information, tumor characteristics, samples information related to GSE3143.




A data frame with 158 observations on the following 4 variables.


a factor with levels KF-067 KF-069 KF-070 KF-076 KF-077 KF-079 KF-090 KF-094 KF-095 KF-097 KF-098 KF-104 KF-105 KF-106 KF-110 KF-113 KF-117 KF-120 KF-123 KF-124 KF-125 KF-126 KF-127 KF-128 KF-129 KF-130 KF-131 KF-132 KF-133 KF-134 KF-135 KF-136 KF-137 KF-138 KF-139 KF-140 KF-141 KF-142 KF-143 KF-144 KF-145 KF-146 KF-147 KF-149 KF-150 KF-151 KF-152 KF-153 KF-154 KF-155 KF-157 KF-159 KF-160 KF-176 KF-178 KF-182 KF-183 KF-184 KF-187 KF-188 KF-189 KF-193 KF-194 KF-195 KF-196 KF-200 KF-201 KF-203 KF-204 KF-207 T00-0050 T00-0064 T00-0070 T00-0109 T00-0214 T00-0454 T00-0622 T01-0047 T01-0052 T01-0145 T01-0154 T01-0156 T01-0158 T01-0166 T01-0194 T01-0202 T01-0204 T01-0255 T01-0310 T01-0344 T01-0352 T01-0356 T01-0357 T01-0366 T01-0378 T01-0384 T01-0387 T01-0407 T01-0410 T01-0428 T01-0439 T01-0452 T01-0461 T01-0463 T01-0466 T01-0468 T01-0469 T01-0472 T01-0476 T01-0495 T01-0496 T01-0502 T01-0503 T01-0514 T01-0522 T01-0534 T01-0537 T01-0569 T01-0585 T01-0591 T01-0605 T01-0618 T01-0659 T01-0748 T01-0772 T01-0838 T92-0037 T92-0058 T93-0002 T94-0071 T94-0072 T94-0074 T95-0028 T95-0031 T95-0040 T95-0074 T95-0162 T95-0168 T95-0194 T96-0085 T96-0094 T96-0127 T96-0136 T96-0159 T96-0167 T96-0195 T96-0250 T97-0017 T97-0019 T97-0043 T97-0051 T97-0071 T97-0075 T97-0080 T97-0090 T97-0094 T97-0191 T97-0281


a numeric vector


a numeric vector


a numeric vector



Yasrebi H, Sperisen P, Praz V, Bucher P, 2009 Can Survival Prediction Be Improved By Merging Gene Expression Data Sets?. PLoS ONE 4(10): e7431. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0007431.

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