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To configure the identity of the subject assuming that there is more than one subject in the survey. This is done by two methods: (1) manual configuration generates a slide to ask the subject for an id. The question asking the subject must be edited and (2) automatic configuration requires the editor to insert a file location where a file is read and the previous id is sought. Then current id is the sought previous id "+1". This means that the resulted id is a set of natural number. This option is best used when the real identity of the subject is not to be disclosed.


identity(type = c("manual", "auto"), ask = NULL, link = NULL)



Either "manual" or "auto" to indicate manual or automatic configuration.


The question asking for the id to be displayed in the slide if type="manual". A string thus must be quoted. The question will be allocated at the top left hand corner. Font size and colour are fixed at 2 and "black".


The location of the file that will be sought for the previous id if type="auto". A string thus must be quoted.


If type="auto", there are three possible the outcomes in seeking the file link.
(1) The file link exists and it has column names ID, Question.number, type, Condition.Likert and Response (this is the universal format of the responses returned by slide). In this case, the previous id is successfully sought and the automatically generated id is the previous id "+1".
(2) The file link does not exist. In this case, the file link is generated with the column names ID, Question.number, type, Condition.Likert and Response. The automatically generated id is made to 1.
(3) The file link exists but this not have column names link is generated with the column names ID, Question.number, type, Condition.Likert and Response. This is usually the case where the file name is already in use. Either the file name of the existing file or link should be altered.


The id is returned on the R console regardless of type. If type="manual", a slide is shown to ask the subject to insert id. ask is displayed at the top left hand corner and a virtual keyboard is placed in centre of the slide for the subject to enter the id.

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## Not run: identity(type="manual",ask="Please insert your student ID by clicking on the below 
virtual keyboard")
## End(Not run)
## Not run: identity(type="auto",link="R:/survey.txt")

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