Man pages for surveysd
Survey Standard Error Estimation for Cumulated Estimates and their Differences in Complex Panel Designs

calc.stErrorCalcualte point estimates and their standard errors using...
computeFracNumerical weighting functions
cpp_meanCalculate mean by factors
demo.eusilcGenerate multiple years of EU-SILC data
draw.bootstrapDraw bootstrap replicates
generate.HHIDGenerate new houshold ID for survey data with rotating panel...
ipfIterative Proportional Fitting
ipf_stepPerform one step of iterative proportional updating
kishFactorKish Factor
plot.surveysdPlot surveysd-Objects
PointEstimatesWeighted Point Estimates
print.surveysdPrint function for surveysd objects
recalibCalibrate weights
rescaled.bootstrapDraw bootstrap replicates
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