demo.eusilc: Generate multiple years of EU-SILC data

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demo.eusilcR Documentation

Generate multiple years of EU-SILC data


Create a dummy dataset to be used for demonstrating the functionalities of the surveysd package based on laeken::eusilc. Please refer to the documentation page of the original data for details about the variables.


demo.eusilc(n = 8, prettyNames = FALSE)



Number of years to generate. Should be at least 1


Create easy-to-read names for certain variables. Recommended for demonstration purposes. Otherwise, use the original codes documented in laeken::eusilc.


If prettyNames is TRUE, the following variables will be available in an easy-to-read manner.

  • hid Household id. Consistent with respect to the reference period (year)

  • hsize Size of the household. derived from hid and period

  • region Federal state of austria where the household is located

  • pid Personal id. Consistent with respect to the reference period (year)

  • age Age-class of the respondent

  • gender A persons gender ("male", "Female")

  • ecoStat Ecnomic status ("part time", "full time", "unemployed", ...)

  • citizenship Citizenship ("AT", "EU", "other")

  • pWeight Personal sample weight inside the reference period

  • year. Simulated reference period

  • povertyRisk. Logical variable determining whether a respondent is at risk of poverty


demo.eusilc(n = 1, prettyNames = TRUE)[, c(1:8, 26, 28:30)]

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