Man pages for survminer
Drawing Survival Curves using 'ggplot2'

add_ggsurvplotAdd Components to a ggsurvplot
arrange_ggsurvplotsArranging Multiple ggsurvplots
BMTBone Marrow Transplant
BRCAOV.survInfoBreast and Ovarian Cancers Survival Information
ggadjustedcurvesAdjusted Survival Curves for Cox Proportional Hazards Model
ggcompetingrisksCumulative Incidence Curves for Competing Risks
ggcoxdiagnosticsDiagnostic Plots for Cox Proportional Hazards Model with...
ggcoxfunctionalFunctional Form of Continuous Variable in Cox Proportional...
ggcoxzphGraphical Test of Proportional Hazards with ggplot2
ggflexsurvplotGgplots of Fitted Flexible Survival Models
ggforestForest Plot for Cox Proportional Hazards Model
ggsurveventsDistribution of Events' Times
ggsurvplotDrawing Survival Curves Using ggplot2
ggsurvplot_add_allAdd Survival Curves of Pooled Patients onto the Main Plot
ggsurvplot_argumentsggsurvplot Argument Descriptions
ggsurvplot_combineCombine a List of Survfit Objects on the Same Plot
ggsurvplot_dfPlot Survival Curves from Survival Summary Data Frame
ggsurvplot_facetFacet Survival Curves into Multiple Panels
ggsurvplot_group_bySurvival Curves of Grouped Data sets
ggsurvplot_listPlot a List of Survfit Objects
ggsurvtablePlot Survival Tables
ggsurvthemeTheme for Survminer Plots
myelomaMultiple Myeloma Data
pairwise_survdiffMultiple Comparisons of Survival Curves
surv_cutpointDetermine the Optimal Cutpoint for Continuous Variables
surv_fitCreate Survival Curves
surv_group_byCreate a Grouped Dataset for Survival Analysis
surv_medianMedian of Survival Curves
surv_pvalueCompute P-value Comparing Survival Curves
surv_summaryNice Summary of a Survival Curve
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