swirl: Learn R, in R

Use the R console as an interactive learning environment. Users receive immediate feedback as they are guided through self-paced lessons in data science and R programming.

AuthorSean Kross [aut, cre], Nick Carchedi [aut], Bill Bauer [aut], Gina Grdina [aut], Filip Schouwenaars [ctb], Wush Wu [ctb]
Date of publication2017-03-02 08:09:43
MaintainerSean Kross <sean@seankross.com>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

AnswerTests: Answer Tests

any_of_exprs: Test that the user has entered one of several possible...

bye: Exit swirl.

calculates_same_value: Test that the user's expression evaluates to a certain value.

delete_progress: Delete a user's progress

email_admin: Send diagnostic email to swirl admin

expr_creates_var: Test that a new variable has been created.

expr_identical_to: Test that the user has entered a particular expression.

expr_is_a: Test that the expression itself is of a specific 'class'.

expr_uses_func: Test that a particular function has been used.

func_of_newvar_equals: Test the result of a computation applied to a specific...

info: Display a list of special commands.

install_course: Install a course from The swirl Course Network or install a...

install_course_directory: Install a course from a course directory

install_course_dropbox: Install a course from a zipped course directory shared on...

install_course_github: Install a course from a GitHub repository

install_course_google_drive: Install a course from a zipped course directory shared on...

InstallCourses: Installing Courses

install_course_url: Install a course from a url that points to a zip file

install_course_zip: Install a course from a zipped course folder

install_from_swirl: Install a course from the official course repository

is_robust_match: Recursively expand both the correct expression and the user's...

main: Return to swirl's main menu.

nxt: Begin the upcoming question or unit of instruction.

omnitest: Test for a correct expression, a correct value, or both.

play: Tell swirl to ignore console input for a while.

reset: Start over on the current script question.

restart: Restart the current swirl lesson.

rmatch_calls: Recursively expand match calls in an expression from the...

select_language: Select a language

skip: Skip the current unit of instruction.

submit: Submit the active R script in response to a question.

swirl: An interactive learning environment for R and statistics.

swirl_options: Get swirl options

uninstall_all_courses: Uninstall all courses

uninstall_course: Uninstall a course

val_has_length: Test that the value of the expression has a particular...

val_matches: Test that the user's expression matches a regular expression.

var_is_a: Test that the value of the expression is of a specific class.

zip_course: Zip a course directory


AnswerTests Man page
any_of_exprs Man page
bye Man page
calculates_same_value Man page
delete_progress Man page
email_admin Man page
expr_creates_var Man page
expr_identical_to Man page
expr_is_a Man page
expr_uses_func Man page
func_of_newvar_equals Man page
info Man page
install_course Man page
install_course_directory Man page
install_course_dropbox Man page
install_course_github Man page
install_course_google_drive Man page
InstallCourses Man page
install_course_url Man page
install_course_zip Man page
install_from_swirl Man page
is_robust_match Man page
main Man page
nxt Man page
omnitest Man page
play Man page
reset Man page
restart Man page
rmatch_calls Man page
select_language Man page
skip Man page
submit Man page
swirl Man page
swirl_options Man page
uninstall_all_courses Man page
uninstall_course Man page
val_has_length Man page
val_matches Man page
var_is_a Man page
zip_course Man page


swirl/R/parse_content.R swirl/R/post.R swirl/R/answerTests.R swirl/R/answerTests2.R swirl/R/install_course.R swirl/R/log.R
swirl/R/swirl.R swirl/R/phrases.R swirl/R/utilities.R swirl/R/args_specification.R swirl/R/menu.R swirl/R/progress.R swirl/R/options.R swirl/R/rmd2df.R swirl/R/courseraCheck.R swirl/R/testthat_legacy.R swirl/R/languages.R swirl/R/instructionSet.R swirl/R/rmatch_calls.R swirl/R/actions.R swirl/R/email_info.R swirl/R/global.R swirl/R/lesson_constructor.R swirl/R/zzz.R
swirl/man/is_robust_match.Rd swirl/man/restart.Rd swirl/man/expr_identical_to.Rd swirl/man/AnswerTests.Rd swirl/man/expr_creates_var.Rd swirl/man/delete_progress.Rd swirl/man/install_course.Rd swirl/man/expr_is_a.Rd swirl/man/swirl.Rd swirl/man/main.Rd swirl/man/install_course_dropbox.Rd swirl/man/install_course_directory.Rd swirl/man/bye.Rd swirl/man/select_language.Rd swirl/man/install_course_github.Rd swirl/man/install_course_zip.Rd swirl/man/submit.Rd swirl/man/swirl_options.Rd swirl/man/omnitest.Rd swirl/man/val_has_length.Rd swirl/man/calculates_same_value.Rd swirl/man/install_course_url.Rd swirl/man/uninstall_course.Rd swirl/man/var_is_a.Rd swirl/man/expr_uses_func.Rd swirl/man/play.Rd swirl/man/val_matches.Rd swirl/man/uninstall_all_courses.Rd swirl/man/info.Rd swirl/man/any_of_exprs.Rd swirl/man/email_admin.Rd swirl/man/rmatch_calls.Rd swirl/man/zip_course.Rd swirl/man/func_of_newvar_equals.Rd swirl/man/skip.Rd swirl/man/install_course_google_drive.Rd swirl/man/install_from_swirl.Rd swirl/man/nxt.Rd swirl/man/InstallCourses.Rd swirl/man/reset.Rd

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