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AnswerTestsAnswer Tests
any_of_exprsTest that the user has entered one of several possible...
byeExit swirl.
calculates_same_valueTest that the user's expression evaluates to a certain value.
delete_progressDelete a user's progress
email_adminSend diagnostic email to swirl admin
expr_creates_varTest that a new variable has been created.
expr_identical_toTest that the user has entered a particular expression.
expr_is_aTest that the expression itself is of a specific 'class'.
expr_uses_funcTest that a particular function has been used.
func_of_newvar_equalsTest the result of a computation applied to a specific...
infoDisplay a list of special commands.
install_courseInstall a course from The swirl Course Network or install a...
install_course_directoryInstall a course from a course directory
install_course_dropboxInstall a course from a zipped course directory shared on...
install_course_githubInstall a course from a GitHub repository
install_course_google_driveInstall a course from a zipped course directory shared on...
InstallCoursesInstalling Courses
install_course_urlInstall a course from a url that points to a zip file
install_course_zipInstall a course from a zipped course folder
install_from_swirlInstall a course from the official course repository
is_robust_matchRecursively expand both the correct expression and the user's...
mainReturn to swirl's main menu.
nxtBegin the upcoming question or unit of instruction.
omnitestTest for a correct expression, a correct value, or both.
playTell swirl to ignore console input for a while.
resetStart over on the current script question.
restartRestart the current swirl lesson.
rmatch_callsRecursively expand match calls in an expression from the...
select_languageSelect a language
skipSkip the current unit of instruction.
submitSubmit the active R script in response to a question.
swirlAn interactive learning environment for R and statistics.
swirl_optionsGet swirl options
uninstall_all_coursesUninstall all courses
uninstall_courseUninstall a course
val_has_lengthTest that the value of the expression has a particular...
val_matchesTest that the user's expression matches a regular expression.
var_is_aTest that the value of the expression is of a specific class.
zip_courseZip a course directory
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