Man pages for swirlify
A Toolbox for Writing 'swirl' Courses

add_licenseAdd a LICENSE.txt file to your course
add_to_manifestAdd current lesson to course manifest
count_questionsCount number of questions in current lesson
demo_lessonDemo the current lesson in swirl
find_questionsGet question numbers for any questions matching a regular...
get_current_lessonSee what lesson you are currently working on
google_form_decodeDecode Student's Submissions from Google Forms
lesson_to_htmlTurn a swirl lesson into a pretty webpage
make_pathnameReplace spaces in strings with underscores
new_lessonCreate new lesson in the YAML format.
pack_courseCreate an '.swc' file of the course you are working on
set_lessonSelect an existing lesson to work on
swirl_courses_dirFind the directory where swirl courses are stored
swirlifyLaunch a Shiny application for writing swirl lessons
test_courseRun tests on a course
test_lessonRun tests on a lesson
unpack_courseUnpack an '.swc' file into a swirl course
wq_commandTemplate for R command question
wq_figureTemplate for figure questions
wq_messageTemplate for output without a question
wq_multipleTemplate for multiple choice question
wq_numericalTemplate for exact numerical question
wq_scriptTemplate for R script question
wq_textTemplate for text question
wq_videoTemplate for video question
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