lesson_to_html: Turn a swirl lesson into a pretty webpage

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Create an easily shareable HTML version of your swirl lesson. This function detects the lesson you are working on automatically via getOption('swirlify_lesson_file_path'), converts it to R Markdown (Rmd), then generates a stylized HTML document and opens it in your default browser. To prevent clutter, the Rmd files are not kept by default, but they can be kept by setting keep_rmd = TRUE.


lesson_to_html(dest_dir = NULL, open_html = FALSE, keep_rmd = FALSE,
  quiet = FALSE, install_course = TRUE)



Destination directory (i.e. where to put the output files). If not set, default is the directory which contains the course directory.


Should the HTML file produced be opened in your browser? Default is FALSE.


Should the Rmd file be kept after the HTML is is produced? Default is FALSE.


Should the Rmd rendering output be silenced? Default is FALSE.


Should the course be installed? Default is TRUE.


The output is formatted to be a readable, standalone tutorial. This means that information contained in the swirl lesson such as answer tests and hints are excluded from the Rmd/HTML output.

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