synthACS: Synthetic Microdata and Spatial MicroSimulation Modeling for ACS Data

Firstly provides a wrapper to library(acs) to access curated set of American Community Survey (ACS) base tables which may be of interest to many researchers. Secondly, it builds synthetic micro-datasets of ACS data at any specified geographic level with 10 default individual attributes. Thirdly, provides functionality for data-extensibility of micro-datasets; allowing users to both add data attributes and marginalize undesired attributes. And finally, the package also conducts spatial microsimulation modeling (SMSM) via simulated annealing. SMSM is conducted in parallel by default.

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AuthorAlex Whitworth [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-02-12 12:03:53
MaintainerAlex Whitworth <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

add_constraint: Add new constraint to constraint table

adjDR: Age-adjusted Death Rate by race and gender

AgeRaceDR: Death rates in the United States by age and race, 2013

all_geog_constraint_age: Create age constraint list to a set of geographies

all_geog_constraint_edu: Create educational attainment constraint list to a set of...

all_geog_constraint_employment: Create employment status constraint list to a set of...

all_geog_constraint_gender: Create gender constraint list to a set of geographies

all_geog_constraint_geog_mob: Create geographic mobility constraint list to a set of...

all_geog_constraint_income: Create individual income constraint list to a set of...

all_geog_constraint_marital_status: Create marital status constraint list to a set of geographies

all_geog_constraint_nativity: Create nativity status constraint list to a set of...

all_geog_constraint_poverty: Create poverty status constraint list to a set of geographies

all_geog_constraint_race: Create race constraint list to a set of geographies

all_geog_optimize_microdata: Optimize the selection of a micro data population for a set...

all_geogs_add_constraint: Add new constraint to a set of geographies

all_geog_synthetic_new_attribute: Add a new attribute to a set (ie list) of synthetic_micro...

BR2014: Birth Rates by Age and Race of Mother

calculate_TAE: Calculate the total absolute error (TAE) between sample data...

combine_smsm: Combine separate SMSM optimizations

derive_synth_datasets: Derive synthetic micro datasets for a given geography.

fetch_data: Get Aggregate Data Specified Geography

gen_attr_vectors: Generate attribute vectors

get_best_fit: Extract best fit for a specified geogrpahy from an 'smsm_set'...

get_dataset_names: Get dataset names from a "macroACS" object.

get_endyear: Get the endyear from a "macroACS" object.

get_final_tae: Extract the final TAE for a specified geogrpahy from an...

get_geography: Get the geography title from a "macroACS" object.

get_span: Get the span from a "macroACS" object.

is.macroACS: Check macroACS class

is.macro_micro: Check macro_micro class

is.micro_synthetic: Check micro_synthetic class

is.smsm_set: Check smsm_set class

is.synthACS: Check synthACS class

LifeExp: Life expectancy at certain ages; United States, 2013

marginalize_attr: Marginalize synthetic attributes

MBR: Multiple Birth Rate data by year and race of mother

optimize_microdata: Optimize the selection of a micro data population.

plot_TAEpath: Plot simulated annealing path

pull_bachelors: Pull ACS data on field of bachelor's degree

pull_edu: Pull ACS educational attainment and enrollment data

pull_geo_mobility: Pull ACS geographic mobility data

pull_household: Pull ACS

pull_inc_earnings: Pull ACS income and earnings data

pull_mar_status: Pull ACS marital status data

pull_population: Pull ACS population data

pull_pov_inc: Pull ACS income and earnings data

pull_race_data: Pull ACS race data

pull_synth_data: Pull ACS data for synthetic data creation.

pull_transit_work: Pull ACS transit and work data

rawDR: Raw Death Rate by race and gender

split: Split a "macroACS" object

stateFR: Birth rates, by age of mother: United States, each state and...

summary.smsm_set: Summarizing SMSM fits

synthetic_new_attribute: Add a new attribute to a synthetic_micro dataset

TFR: Total Fertility Rate by race of mother


add_constraint Man page
adjDR Man page
AgeRaceDR Man page
all_geog_constraint_age Man page
all_geog_constraint_edu Man page
all_geog_constraint_employment Man page
all_geog_constraint_gender Man page
all_geog_constraint_geog_mob Man page
all_geog_constraint_income Man page
all_geog_constraint_marital_status Man page
all_geog_constraint_nativity Man page
all_geog_constraint_poverty Man page
all_geog_constraint_race Man page
all_geog_optimize_microdata Man page
all_geogs_add_constraint Man page
all_geog_synthetic_new_attribute Man page
BR2014 Man page
calculate_TAE Man page
combine_smsm Man page
derive_synth_datasets Man page
fetch_data Man page
gen_attr_vectors Man page
get_best_fit Man page
get_dataset_names Man page
get_endyear Man page
get_final_tae Man page
get_geography Man page
get_span Man page
is.macroACS Man page
is.macro_micro Man page
is.micro_synthetic Man page
is.smsm_set Man page
is.synthACS Man page
LifeExp Man page
marginalize_attr Man page
MBR Man page
optimize_microdata Man page
plot_TAEpath Man page
pull_bachelors Man page
pull_edu Man page
pull_geo_mobility Man page
pull_household Man page
pull_inc_earnings Man page
pull_mar_status Man page
pull_population Man page
pull_pov_inc Man page
pull_race_data Man page
pull_synth_data Man page
pull_transit_work Man page
rawDR Man page
split Man page
stateFR Man page
summary.smsm_set Man page
synthetic_new_attribute Man page
TFR Man page


tests/testthat/test-synth_nativ.R tests/testthat/test-synth_geog_mob.R tests/testthat/test-synth_age_gender.R tests/testthat/test-synth_emp.R tests/testthat/test-synth_inc.R tests/testthat/standard_geo_tests.R tests/testthat/test-sim_anneal_parallel.R tests/testthat/test-sim_anneal.R tests/testthat/test-class_macroACS_methods.R tests/testthat/test-synth_pov.R tests/testthat/tst-pull_edu.R tests/testthat/test-derive_synthetic.R tests/testthat/test-combine_smsm.R tests/testthat/test-class_synthACS_methods.R tests/testthat/test-synth_new_attr.R tests/testthat/test-synth_mar_status.R tests/testthat/test-synth_race.R tests/testthat/test-synth_edu.R
R/a_internal-functional_helpers.R R/synth_inc.R R/sim_annealing.R R/synth_emp.R R/synth_nativity.R R/pull_race.R R/synth_new_attr.R R/synth_pov.R R/pull_pov_inc.R R/pull_transit_work.R R/synth_geomob.R R/pull_inc_earnings.R R/RcppExports.R R/pull_synth_data.R R/pull_edu.R R/synth_edu.R R/pull_bachelors.R R/synth_age_gender_marital.R R/a_class-methods_helpers.R R/pull_geo_mobility.R R/pull_population.R R/derive_synth_data.R R/pull_household.R R/pull_mar_status.R R/sim_anneal_wrappers.R R/synth_race.R R/a_data-documentation.R
man/all_geog_constraint_marital_status.Rd man/rawDR.Rd man/get_final_tae.Rd man/pull_synth_data.Rd man/marginalize_attr.Rd man/optimize_microdata.Rd man/all_geogs_add_constraint.Rd man/get_endyear.Rd man/pull_inc_earnings.Rd man/pull_mar_status.Rd man/get_best_fit.Rd man/pull_pov_inc.Rd man/all_geog_optimize_microdata.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_age.Rd man/pull_geo_mobility.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_employment.Rd man/pull_household.Rd man/is.smsm_set.Rd man/pull_transit_work.Rd man/derive_synth_datasets.Rd man/split.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_edu.Rd man/pull_bachelors.Rd man/is.macroACS.Rd man/calculate_TAE.Rd man/pull_population.Rd man/LifeExp.Rd man/summary.smsm_set.Rd man/get_geography.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_geog_mob.Rd man/add_constraint.Rd man/gen_attr_vectors.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_race.Rd man/is.macro_micro.Rd man/pull_edu.Rd man/MBR.Rd man/TFR.Rd man/synthetic_new_attribute.Rd man/plot_TAEpath.Rd man/get_dataset_names.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_poverty.Rd man/adjDR.Rd man/combine_smsm.Rd man/all_geog_synthetic_new_attribute.Rd man/is.micro_synthetic.Rd man/pull_race_data.Rd man/get_span.Rd man/stateFR.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_income.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_gender.Rd man/AgeRaceDR.Rd man/BR2014.Rd man/is.synthACS.Rd man/all_geog_constraint_nativity.Rd man/fetch_data.Rd

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