pull_population: Pull ACS population data

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Pull ACS data for a specified geography from base tables B01001, B01002, B02001, B06007, B06008, B06009, B06010, B06011, AND B06012. These tables reference population counts by a number of slices. Multiple additional fields, mainly percentages and aggregations, are calculated.


pull_population(endyear, span, geography)



An integer, indicating the latest year of the data in the survey.


An integer in c(1,3,5) indicating the span of the desired data.


a valid geo.set object specifying the census geography or geographies to be fetched.


A list containing the endyear, span, a data.frame of estimates, a data.frame of standard errors, a character vector of the original column names, and a data.frame of the geography metadata from acs.fetch.

See Also

acs.fetch, geo.make

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