Man pages for systemfit
Estimating Systems of Simultaneous Equations

bread.systemfitBread for Sandwiches
coef.systemfitCoefficients of systemfit object
confint.systemfitConfidence intervals of coefficients
correlation.systemfitCorrelation between Predictions from Equation i and j
createSystemfitModelCreate a Model for systemfit
estfun.systemfitExtract Gradients of the Objective Function at each...
fitted.systemfitFitted values
formula.systemfitModel Formulae of systemfit Objects
GrunfeldGreeneGrunfeld Data as published by Greene (2003)
hausman.systemfitHausman Test
KleinIKlein Model I
KmentaPartly Artificial Data on the U. S. Economy
linear.hypothesis.systemfitTest Linear Hypothesis
logLik.systemfitLog-Likelihood value of systemfit object
lrtest.systemfitLikelihood Ratio test for Equation Systems
model.frame.systemfitExtracting the Data of a systemfit Object
model.matrix.systemfitConstruct Design Matrices for Systems of Equations
nlsystemfitNonlinear Equation System Estimation
ppineTree Growth Data for Ponderosa Pine
predict.systemfitPredictions from System Estimation
print.confint.systemfitPrint confidence intervals of coefficients
print.nlsystemfit.systemPrint output of nlsystemfit estimation
print.systemfitPrint results of systemfit estimation
residuals.systemfitResiduals of systemfit object
se.ratio.systemfitRatio of the Standard Errors
summary.nlsystemfit.systemSummary of nlsystemfit estimation
summary.systemfitSummary of systemfit estimation
systemfitLinear Equation System Estimation
systemfit.controlCreate list of control parameters for systemfit
systemfit-internalInternal systemfit functions
terms.systemfitModel Terms of systemfit Objects
vcov.systemfitVariance covariance matrix of coefficients
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