Man pages for systemfonts
System Native Font Finding

font_fallbackGet the fallback font for a given string
font_featureDefine OpenType font feature settings
font_infoQuery font-specific information
get_fallbackGet location of the fallback font
glyph_infoQuery glyph-specific information from fonts
match_fontFind a system font by name and style
register_fontRegister font collections as families
register_variantRegister a font as a variant as an existing one
reset_font_cacheReset the system font cache
shape_stringCalculate glyph positions for strings
string_metrics_devGet string metrics as measured by the current device
string_widthCalculate the width of a string, ignoring new-lines
string_widths_devGet string widths as measured by the current device
str_split_emojiSplit a string into emoji and non-emoji glyph runs
system_fontsList all fonts installed on your system
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