Man pages for table1
Tables of Descriptive Statistics in HTML a 'table1' object to a 'data.frame'.
eqcutCut a continuous variable into equal-sized groups.
knit_print.table1Method for printing in a 'knitr' context.
labelLabel attribute.
parse.abbrev.render.codeParse abbreviated code for rendering table output.
print.table1Print 'table1' object.
render.categorical.defaultRender categorical values for table output.
render.continuous.defaultRender continuous values for table output.
render.defaultRender values for table output.
render.missing.defaultRender missing values for table output.
render.strat.defaultRender strata labels for table output.
render.varlabelRender variable labels for table output.
signif_padRound numbers with 0-padding.
stats.apply.roundingApply rounding to basic descriptive statistics.
stats.defaultCompute some basic descriptive statistics.
subsetpSubset function that preserves column attributes.
t1flexConvert a 'table1' object to 'flextable'.
t1kableConvert a 'table1' object to 'kabelExtra'.
t1readRead and augment data with extended metadata attributes
table1Generate an HTML table of descriptive statistics.
table.rowsConvert to HTML table rows.
unitsUnits attribute.
update_htmlUpdate HTML.
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