render.categorical.default: Render categorical values for table output.

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render.categorical.defaultR Documentation

Render categorical values for table output.


Called from table1 by default to render categorical (i.e. factor, character or logical) values for displaying in the table.


render.categorical.default(x, ..., = TRUE)



A vector of type factor, character or logical.


Further arguments, passed to stats.apply.rounding.

Include missing values in the denominator for calculating percentages (the default) or omit them.


A character vector. Each element is to be displayed in a separate cell in the table. The names of the vector are the labels to use in the table. However, the first names should be empty as it will be replaced by the name of the variable. Empty strings are allowed and result in empty table cells.


y <- factor(sample(0:1, 99, replace=TRUE), labels=c("Female", "Male"))
y[1:10] <- NA

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