Man pages for tactile
New and Extended Plots, Methods, and Panel Functions for 'lattice'

bwplot2An extended box and whiskers plot
diag.panel.splom.densityDiagonal Density Panels
dont_plotSuppress Plotting
feldsparTernary feldspar experiments and thermodynamic models
get_funRetrieve a Function by Name or Definition
grid_wrapWrapper for grid.arrange
make_bubblesMake Bubbles
panel.bubbleplotPanel Function for Bubble Plots
panel.ciPanel function for confidence interval
panel.qqmathciQ-Q Diagram Confidence Intervals Panels
panel.ternaryplotPanel Function for Ternary Plots
panel.ternaryplot.clipPlot Region Clipping for Ternary Plots
panel.ternaryplot.densityTwo-Dimensional Density Estimation for Ternary Plots
panel.ternaryplot.gridReference Grid for Ternary Plot
panel.ternaryplot.responseResponse Panels for Ternary Plots
panel.ternaryplot.scalesAxes and Labels for Ternary Plots
panel.ternaryplot.xyplotTernary Plot Wrapper for lattice::xyplot
prepanel.ciPrepanel for ciplot
qqmath.zooQ-Q Plots for Zoo Objects
require_pkgThrow An Error if A Required Package Is Unavailable
rescaleUniform Rescaling
seq_palSequential palette helper.
setup_keyKey Setup
tactile-packagetactile: New and Extended Plots, Methods, and Panel Functions...
tactile.themeTactile Theme
ternaryplotTernary Plot
updateListUpdate a List with User Input
xyplot.acfPlot Autocovariance and Autocorrelation Functions
xyplot.ArimaDiagnostic Plots for ARIMA Models
xyplot.forecastPlot Forecasts with Trellis Graphics
xyplot.lmLattice plot diagnostics for lm objects
xyz_to_xyConvert a formula from z ~ x * y to y ~ x
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