Defines functions empty_row

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#' Empty Row
#' Produces a empty dividing row in a `tangram.pipe` table.  May have a row header.
#' @param list_obj the name of the tbl_start object previously initialized.
#' @param header a header to include for the empty row.
#' @return If a header is included, a list object is returned with a one-element dataframe containing the header as the most recent entry to `list_obj`. Otherwise, a list is returned containing a blank character as the last element of `list_obj`.
#' @seealso Other related row-building functions: \link[tangram.pipe]{num_row}, \link[tangram.pipe]{cat_row}, \link[tangram.pipe]{binary_row}, \link[tangram.pipe]{n_row}
#' @seealso Starting a `tangram.pipe` table: \link[tangram.pipe]{tbl_start}
#' @keywords tangram.pipe
#' @export

empty_row <- function(
  , header=NULL
  if (!is.null(header)){
    list_obj[[length(list_obj) + 1]] <- data.frame(Variable=header)
  } else {
    list_obj[[length(list_obj) + 1]] <- ""

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