tar_render_rep_run: Render a batch of parameterized R Markdown reports inside a...

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tar_render_rep_runR Documentation

Render a batch of parameterized R Markdown reports inside a tar_render_rep() target.


Internal function needed for tar_render(). Users should not invoke it directly.


tar_render_rep_run(path, params, args, deps, rep_workers)



Path to the R Markdown source file.


A named list of arguments to rmarkdown::render().


An unnamed list of target dependencies of the R Markdown report, automatically created by tar_render_rep().


Positive integer of length 1, number of local R processes to use to run reps within batches in parallel. If 1, then reps are run sequentially within each batch. If greater than 1, then reps within batch are run in parallel using a PSOCK cluster.


Character vector with the path to the R Markdown source file and the rendered output file. Both paths depend on the input source path, and they have no defaults.

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