taxize: Taxonomic Information from Around the Web

Interacts with a suite of web 'APIs' for taxonomic tasks, such as getting database specific taxonomic identifiers, verifying species names, getting taxonomic hierarchies, fetching downstream and upstream taxonomic names, getting taxonomic synonyms, converting scientific to common names and vice versa, and more.

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AuthorScott Chamberlain [aut, cre], Eduard Szoecs [aut], Zachary Foster [aut], Carl Boettiger [ctb], Karthik Ram [ctb], Ignasi Bartomeus [ctb], John Baumgartner [ctb], James O'Donnell [ctb], Jari Oksanen [ctb]
Date of publication2017-01-19 11:17:48
MaintainerScott Chamberlain <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

apg: Get APG names

apg_families: MOBOT family names

apg_lookup: Lookup in the APGIII taxonomy and replace family names

apg_orders: MOBOT order names

bold_search: Search Barcode of Life for taxonomic IDs

children: Retrieve immediate children taxa for a given taxon name or...

class2tree: Convert list of classifications to a tree.

classification: Retrieve the taxonomic hierarchy for a given taxon ID.

col_children: Search Catalogue of Life for for direct children of a...

col_classification-defunct: Search Catalogue of Life for taxonomic classifications.

col_downstream: Use Catalogue of Life to get downstream taxa to a given...

col_search: Search Catalogue of Life for taxonomic IDs

comm2sci: Get scientific names from common names.

downstream: Retrieve the downstream taxa for a given taxon name or ID.

eol_dataobjects: Given the identifier for a data object, return all metadata...

eol_hierarchy-defunct: Retrieve the taxonomic hierarchy from given EOL taxonID.

eol_invasive-defunct: Search for presence of taxonomic names in EOL invasive...

eol_pages: Search for pages in EOL database using a taxonconceptID.

eol_search: Search for terms in EOL database.

eubon: EUBON taxonomy search

eubon_capabilities: EUBON capabilites

eubon_children: EUBON children

eubon_hierarchy: EUBON hierarchy

fungorum: Index Fungorum

gbif_downstream: Retrieve all taxa names downstream in hierarchy for GBIF

gbif_name_usage: Lookup details for specific names in all taxonomies in GBIF.

gbif_parse: Parse taxon names using the GBIF name parser.

genbank2uid: Get NCBI taxonomy UID from GenBankID

get_boldid: Get the BOLD (Barcode of Life) code for a search term.

get_colid: Get the Catalogue of Life ID from taxonomic names.

get_eolid: Get the EOL ID from Encyclopedia of Life from taxonomic...

get_gbifid: Get the GBIF backbone taxon ID from taxonomic names.

get_genes_avail-defunct: Retrieve gene sequences from NCBI by accession number.

get_genes-defunct: Retrieve gene sequences from NCBI by accession number.

get_ids: Retrieve taxonomic identifiers for a given taxon name.

getkey: Function to get API key.

get_natservid: Get NatureServe taxonomic ID for a taxon name

get_nbnid: Get the UK National Biodiversity Network ID from taxonomic...

get_seqs-defunct: Retrieve gene sequences from NCBI by accession number.

get_tolid: Get the OTT id for a search term

get_tpsid: Get the NameID codes from Tropicos for taxonomic names.

get_tsn: Get the TSN code for a search term.

get_ubioid-defunct: Get the uBio id for a search term

get_uid: Get the UID codes from NCBI for taxonomic names.

get_wormsid: Get Worms ID for a taxon name

gisd_invasive-defunct: Check invasive species status for a set of species from GISD...

gni_details: Search for taxonomic name details using the Global Names...

gni_parse: Parse scientific names using EOL's name parser.

gni_search: Search for taxonomic names using the Global Names Index.

gnr_datasources: Get data sources for the Global Names Resolver.

gnr_resolve: Resolve names using Global Names Resolver.

ion: ION - Index to Organism Names

iplant_resolve: iPlant name resolution

ipni_search: Search for names in the International Plant Names Index...

itis_acceptname: Retrieve accepted TSN and name

itis_downstream: Retrieve all taxa names or TSNs downstream in hierarchy from...

itis_getrecord: Get full ITIS record for one or more ITIS TSN's or lsid's.

itis_hierarchy: ITIS hierarchy

itis_kingdomnames: Get kingdom names

itis_lsid: Get TSN from LSID

itis_name-deprecated: Get taxonomic names for a given taxonomic name query.

itis_native: Get jurisdiction data, i.e., native or not native in a...

itis_refs: Get references related to a ITIS TSN.

itis_taxrank: Retrieve taxonomic rank name from given TSN.

itis_terms: Get ITIS terms, i.e., tsn's, authors, common names, and...

iucn_getname: Get any matching IUCN species names

iucn_id: Get an ID for a IUCN listed taxon

iucn_status: Extractor functions for 'iucn'-class.

iucn_summary: Get a summary from the IUCN Red List

lowest_common: Retrieve the lowest common taxon and rank for a given taxon...

names_list: Get a random vector of species names.

nbn_classification: Search UK National Biodiversity Network database for...

nbn_search: Search UK National Biodiversity Network database

nbn_synonyms: Return all synonyms for a taxon name with a given id from NBN

ncbi_children: Search NCBI for children of a taxon

ncbi_getbyid-defunct: Retrieve gene sequences from NCBI by accession number.

ncbi_getbyname-defunct: Retrieve gene sequences from NCBI by taxon name and gene...

ncbi_get_taxon_summary: NCBI taxon information from uids

ncbi_search-defunct: Search for gene sequences available for taxa from NCBI.

phylomatic_format-defunct: Get family names to make Phylomatic input object, and output...

phylomatic_tree-defunct: Query Phylomatic for a phylogenetic tree.

ping: Ping an API used in taxize to see if it's working.

plantGenusNames: Vector of plant genus names from ThePlantList

plantminer: Search for taxonomy data from

plantNames: Vector of plant species (genus - specific epithet) names from...

rankagg: Aggregate data by given taxonomic rank

rank_ref: Lookup-table for IDs of taxonomic ranks

resolve: Resolve names from different data sources

sci2comm: Get common names from scientific names.

scrapenames: Resolve names using Global Names Recognition and Discovery.

status_codes: Get HTTP status codes

synonyms: Retrieve synonyms from various sources given input taxonomic...

tax_agg: Aggregate species data to given taxonomic rank

taxize_capwords: Capitalize the first letter of a character string.

taxize_cite: Get citations and licenses for data sources used in taxize

taxize-defunct: Defunct functions in taxize

taxize_ldfast: Replacement function for ldply that should be faster in all...

taxize-package: Taxonomic Information from Around the Web

tax_name: Get taxonomic names for a given rank

tax_rank: Get rank for a given taxonomic name.

theplantlist: Lookup-table for family, genus, and species names for...

tnrs: Phylotastic Taxonomic Name Resolution Service.

tnrs_sources: TNRS sources

tol_resolve: Resolve names using Open Tree of Life (OTL) resolver

tp_acceptednames-deprecated: Return all accepted names for a taxon name with a given id.

tp_accnames: Return all accepted names for a taxon name with a given id.

tp_classification-defunct: Return all synonyms for a taxon name with a given id.

tp_dist: Return all distribution records for for a taxon name with a...

tpl_families: Get The Plant List families.

tpl_get: Get The Plant List csv files.

tpl_search-defunct: A light wrapper around the taxonstand fxn to call...

tp_namedistributions-deprecated: Return all distribution records for for a taxon name with a...

tp_namereferences-deprecated: Return all reference records for for a taxon name with a...

tp_refs: Return all reference records for for a taxon name with a...

tp_search: Search Tropicos by scientific name, common name, or Tropicos...

tp_summary: Return summary data a taxon name with a given id.

tp_synonyms: Return all synonyms for a taxon name with a given id.

ubio_classification-defunct: uBio classification

ubio_classification_search-defunct: This function will return ClassificationBankIDs...

ubio_id-defunct: Search uBio by namebank ID.

ubio_ping-defunct: uBio ping

ubio_search-defunct: This function will return NameBankIDs that match given search...

ubio_synonyms-defunct: Search uBio for taxonomic synonyms by hierarchiesID.

upstream: Retrieve the upstream taxa for a given taxon name or ID.

vascan_search: Search the CANADENSYS Vascan API.


apg Man page
apg_families Man page
apgFamilies Man page
apg_lookup Man page
apg_orders Man page
apgOrders Man page
as.boldid Man page
as.boldid.boldid Man page
as.boldid.character Man page Man page
as.boldid.list Man page
as.boldid.numeric Man page
as.colid Man page
as.colid.character Man page
as.colid.colid Man page Man page
as.colid.list Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
as.eolid Man page
as.eolid.character Man page Man page
as.eolid.eolid Man page
as.eolid.list Man page
as.eolid.numeric Man page
as.gbifid Man page
as.gbifid.character Man page Man page
as.gbifid.gbifid Man page
as.gbifid.list Man page
as.gbifid.numeric Man page
as.natservid Man page
as.natservid.character Man page Man page
as.natservid.list Man page
as.natservid.natservid Man page
as.natservid.numeric Man page
as.nbnid Man page
as.nbnid.character Man page Man page
as.nbnid.list Man page
as.nbnid.nbnid Man page
as.tolid Man page
as.tolid.character Man page Man page
as.tolid.list Man page
as.tolid.numeric Man page
as.tolid.tolid Man page
as.tpsid Man page
as.tpsid.character Man page Man page
as.tpsid.list Man page
as.tpsid.numeric Man page
as.tpsid.tpsid Man page
as.tsn Man page
as.tsn.character Man page Man page
as.tsn.list Man page
as.tsn.numeric Man page
as.tsn.tsn Man page
as.ubioid Man page
as.ubioid.character Man page Man page
as.ubioid.list Man page
as.ubioid.numeric Man page
as.ubioid.ubioid Man page
as.uid Man page
as.uid.character Man page Man page
as.uid.list Man page
as.uid.numeric Man page
as.uid.uid Man page
as.wormsid Man page
as.wormsid.character Man page Man page
as.wormsid.list Man page
as.wormsid.numeric Man page
as.wormsid.wormsid Man page
bold_ping Man page
bold_search Man page
cbind.classification Man page
cbind.classification_ids Man page
children Man page
children.colid Man page
children.default Man page
children.ids Man page
children.tsn Man page
children.uid Man page
children.wormsid Man page
class2tree Man page
classification Man page
classification.colid Man page
classification.default Man page
classification.eolid Man page
classification.gbifid Man page
classification.ids Man page
classification.natservid Man page
classification.nbnid Man page
classification.tolid Man page
classification.tpsid Man page
classification.tsn Man page
classification.uid Man page
classification.wormsid Man page
col_children Man page
col_classification Man page
col_downstream Man page
col_ping Man page
col_search Man page
comm2sci Man page
defunct Man page
downstream Man page
downstream.colid Man page
downstream.default Man page
downstream.gbifid Man page
downstream.ids Man page
downstream.tsn Man page
eol_dataobjects Man page
eol_hierarchy Man page
eol_invasive Man page
eol_pages Man page
eol_ping Man page
eol_search Man page
eubon Man page
eubon_capabilities Man page
eubon_children Man page
eubon_hierarchy Man page
eubon_search Man page
fg_all_updated_names Man page
fg_author_search Man page
fg_deprecated_names Man page
fg_epithet_search Man page
fg_name_by_key Man page
fg_name_full_by_lsid Man page
fg_name_search Man page
fg_ping Man page
fungorum Man page
gbif_downstream Man page
gbif_name_usage Man page
gbif_parse Man page
gbif_ping Man page
genbank2uid Man page
get_boldid Man page
get_boldid_ Man page
get_colid Man page
get_colid_ Man page
get_eolid Man page
get_eolid_ Man page
get_gbifid Man page
get_gbifid_ Man page
get_genes Man page
get_genes_avail Man page
get_ids Man page
get_ids_ Man page
getkey Man page
get_natservid Man page
get_natservid_ Man page
get_nbnid Man page
get_nbnid_ Man page
get_seqs Man page
get_tolid Man page
get_tolid_ Man page
get_tpsid Man page
get_tpsid_ Man page
get_tsn Man page
get_tsn_ Man page
get_ubioid Man page
get_ubioid_ Man page
get_uid Man page
get_uid_ Man page
get_wormsid Man page
get_wormsid_ Man page
gisd_isinvasive Man page
gni_details Man page
gni_parse Man page
gni_search Man page
gnr_datasources Man page
gnr_resolve Man page
ion Man page
iplant_resolve Man page
ipni_ping Man page
ipni_search Man page
itis_acceptname Man page
itis_downstream Man page
itis_getrecord Man page
itis_hierarchy Man page
itis_kingdomnames Man page
itis_lsid Man page
itis_name Man page
itis_native Man page
itis_ping Man page
itis_refs Man page
itis_taxrank Man page
itis_terms Man page
iucn_getname Man page
iucn_id Man page
iucn_status Man page
iucn_status.iucn Man page
iucn_summary Man page
iucn_summary_id Man page
lowest_common Man page
lowest_common.colid Man page
lowest_common.default Man page
lowest_common.gbifid Man page
lowest_common.tolid Man page
lowest_common.tsn Man page
lowest_common.uid Man page
names_list Man page
nbn_classification Man page
nbn_ping Man page
nbn_search Man page
nbn_synonyms Man page
ncbi_children Man page
ncbi_getbyid Man page
ncbi_getbyname Man page
ncbi_get_taxon_summary Man page
ncbi_ping Man page
ncbi_search Man page
phylomatic_format Man page
phylomatic_tree Man page
ping Man page
plantGenusNames Man page
plantminer Man page
plantNames Man page
plot.classtree Man page
print.classtree Man page
print.tax_agg Man page
rankagg Man page
rank_ref Man page
rbind.classification Man page
rbind.classification_ids Man page
resolve Man page
sci2comm Man page
sci2comm.default Man page
sci2comm.tsn Man page
sci2comm.uid Man page
sci2comm.wormsid Man page
scrapenames Man page
status_codes Man page
synonyms Man page
synonyms.colid Man page
synonyms.default Man page
synonyms_df Man page
synonyms.ids Man page
synonyms.nbnid Man page
synonyms.tpsid Man page
synonyms.tsn Man page
synonyms.wormsid Man page
tax_agg Man page
taxize Man page
taxize_capwords Man page
taxize_cite Man page
taxize-defunct Man page
taxize_ldfast Man page
taxize-package Man page
tax_name Man page
tax_rank Man page
theplantlist Man page
tnrs Man page
tnrs_sources Man page
tol_resolve Man page
tp_acceptednames Man page
tp_accnames Man page
tp_classification Man page
tp_dist Man page
tpl_families Man page
tpl_get Man page
tpl_search Man page
tp_namedistributions Man page
tp_namereferences Man page
tp_refs Man page
tp_search Man page
tp_summary Man page
tp_synonyms Man page
tropicos_ping Man page
ubio_classification Man page
ubio_classification_search Man page
ubio_id Man page
ubio_ping Man page
ubio_search Man page
ubio_synonyms Man page
upstream Man page
upstream.colid Man page
upstream.default Man page
upstream.ids Man page
upstream.tsn Man page
vascan_ping Man page
vascan_search Man page


inst/ignore/rbladj.r inst/ignore/taxonclass2.R
inst/ignore/tests/test-ubio_id.R inst/ignore/tests/test-ubio_namebank.R inst/ignore/tests/test-ubio_synonyms.R inst/ignore/tests/test-ubio_classification.R inst/ignore/tests/test-ubio_search.R inst/ignore/phylomatic_tree2.R inst/ignore/taxonclass.R inst/ignore/nature_serve.R inst/ignore/try_with_timeout.R inst/ignore/aou_notes.R inst/ignore/taxonid.R inst/ignore/phytools_fxns_touse.r
tests/testthat/test-col_children.R tests/testthat/test-iucn_summary.R
tests/testthat/test-gbif_downstream.R tests/testthat/test-tp_synonyms.R tests/testthat/test-get_natservid.R tests/testthat/test-tp_summary.R tests/testthat/test-gni_parse.R tests/testthat/test-itis_ping.R tests/testthat/test-ion.R tests/testthat/test-downstream.R tests/testthat/test-get_tpsid.R tests/testthat/test-tax_agg.R tests/testthat/test-tnrs.R tests/testthat/test-rankagg.R tests/testthat/test-tp_accnames.R tests/testthat/test-itis_kingdomnames.R tests/testthat/test-fungorum.R tests/testthat/test-comm2sci.R tests/testthat/test-vascan_search.r tests/testthat/test-itis_downstream.R tests/testthat/test-eol_search.R tests/testthat/test-get_ids.R tests/testthat/test-eol_pages.R tests/testthat/test-col_downstream.R tests/testthat/test-itis_getrecord.R tests/testthat/test-tnrs_sources.R tests/testthat/test-iucn_getname.R tests/testthat/test-eol_ping.R tests/testthat/test-plantminer.R tests/testthat/test-gnr_resolve.R tests/testthat/test-bold_search.R tests/testthat/test-eubon.R tests/testthat/test-class2tree.R tests/testthat/test-tp_search.R tests/testthat/test-itis_taxrank.R tests/testthat/test-itis_native.R tests/testthat/test-get_tsn.R tests/testthat/test-eol_dataobjects.R tests/testthat/test-itis_terms.R tests/testthat/test-tol_resolve.R tests/testthat/test-gni_details.R tests/testthat/test-gnr_datasources.R tests/testthat/test-tax_name.R tests/testthat/test-itis_refs.R tests/testthat/test-gbif_parse.R tests/testthat/test-get_uid.R tests/testthat/test-lowest_common.R tests/testthat/test-ipni_search.R tests/testthat/test-ncbi_get_taxon_summary.R tests/testthat/test-itis_lsid.R tests/testthat/test-get_eolid.R tests/testthat/test-itis_hierarchy.R tests/testthat/test-tp_refs.R tests/testthat/test-get_gbifid.R tests/testthat/test-get_colid.R tests/testthat/test-itis_acceptname.R tests/testthat/test-children.R tests/testthat/test-sci2comm.R tests/testthat/test-classification.R tests/testthat/test-gni_search.R tests/testthat/test-tax_rank.R tests/testthat/test-synonyms.R tests/testthat/test-col_search.R tests/testthat/test-get_wormsid.R tests/testthat/test-names_list.R tests/testthat/test-iucn_id.R tests/testthat/test-apgscraping.R tests/testthat/test-ncbi_children.R tests/testthat/test-tp_dist.R tests/testthat/test-get_boldid.R tests/testthat/test-ping.R tests/test-all.R
R/eol_utiils.R R/taxize-package.R R/gisd_isinvasive.R R/upstream.R R/eubon_capabilities.R R/gbif_name_usage.R R/itis_refs.R R/col_search.R R/ubio_synonyms.R R/iucn_id.R R/gni_parse.R R/get_ubioid.R R/nbn_search.R R/itis_getrecord.R R/apg_lookup.R R/gni_helpers.R R/get_ids.R R/gnr_datasources.R R/class2tree.R R/nbn_classification.R R/children.R R/phylomatic_tree.R R/tnrs.R R/tp_dist.R R/ubio_search.R R/taxize_ldfast.R R/eubon.R R/synonyms.R R/itis_native.R R/phylomatic_format.R R/resolve.R R/eol_search.R R/eol_dataobjects.R R/tol_resolve.R R/ping.R R/tpl_families.r R/ncbi_getbyid.R R/plantminer.R R/get_nbnid.R R/get_gbifid.R R/tp_synonyms.R R/ubio_classification.R R/ubio_classification_search.R R/itis_lsid.R R/gbif_helpers.R R/rankagg.R R/apg.R R/eol_pages.R R/ipni_search.R R/sci2comm.R R/gbif_parse.R R/ncbi_getbyname.R R/globals.R R/get_eolid.R R/taxize_capwords.r R/get_colid.R R/col_children.R R/tnrs_sources.r R/itis_downstream.R R/ncbi_children.R R/names_list.r R/downstream.R R/bold_search.R R/eubon_children.R R/tpl_search.r R/lowest_common.R R/tp_accnames.R R/scrapenames.r R/itis_terms.R R/get_uid.R R/eol_invasive.R R/get_tpsid.R R/getkey.R R/eol_hierarchy.R R/classification.R R/ion.R R/col_classification.R R/tax_name.R R/itis_hierarchy.R R/itis_taxrank.R R/genbank2uid.R R/get_natservid.R R/comm2sci.R R/status_codes.R R/tp_refs.R R/tax_rank.R R/iucn_summary.R R/fungorum.R R/tpl_get.r R/gnr_resolve.R R/iucn_getname.R R/get_boldid.R R/rename.R R/gni_details.R R/ubio_id.R R/tp_classification.R R/itis_name.R R/gni_search.R R/tax_agg.R R/tp_summary.R R/col_downstream.R R/eubon_hierarchy.R R/tp_search.R R/vascan_search.r R/gbif_downstream.R R/get_tolid.R R/nbn_synonyms.R R/iplant_resolve.R R/itis_kingdomnames.R R/zzz.R R/ncbi_get_taxon_summary.R R/get_tsn.R R/ncbi_search.R R/taxize_cite.R R/itis_acceptname.R R/get_wormsid.R
man/tp_refs.Rd man/iucn_summary.Rd man/fungorum.Rd man/tax_agg.Rd man/col_search.Rd man/phylomatic_format-defunct.Rd man/apg.Rd man/itis_getrecord.Rd man/ncbi_get_taxon_summary.Rd man/get_natservid.Rd man/tp_search.Rd man/iplant_resolve.Rd man/sci2comm.Rd man/children.Rd man/get_tpsid.Rd man/tnrs.Rd man/get_tsn.Rd man/iucn_getname.Rd man/iucn_id.Rd man/ubio_id-defunct.Rd man/ubio_ping-defunct.Rd man/taxize-package.Rd man/gbif_name_usage.Rd man/nbn_classification.Rd man/gni_parse.Rd man/get_ids.Rd man/nbn_synonyms.Rd man/tp_dist.Rd man/get_seqs-defunct.Rd man/get_ubioid-defunct.Rd man/eol_dataobjects.Rd man/ion.Rd man/itis_terms.Rd man/eubon_capabilities.Rd man/gbif_parse.Rd man/get_boldid.Rd man/get_nbnid.Rd man/get_eolid.Rd man/itis_taxrank.Rd man/taxize_capwords.Rd man/apg_orders.Rd man/vascan_search.Rd man/eubon_children.Rd man/col_classification-defunct.Rd man/tp_accnames.Rd man/col_children.Rd man/tp_acceptednames-deprecated.Rd man/theplantlist.Rd man/plantminer.Rd man/apg_families.Rd man/gnr_datasources.Rd man/ipni_search.Rd man/get_genes-defunct.Rd man/plantGenusNames.Rd man/gnr_resolve.Rd man/tp_namedistributions-deprecated.Rd man/ubio_search-defunct.Rd man/status_codes.Rd man/itis_lsid.Rd man/synonyms.Rd man/comm2sci.Rd man/phylomatic_tree-defunct.Rd man/itis_hierarchy.Rd man/iucn_status.Rd man/tol_resolve.Rd man/eubon.Rd man/rankagg.Rd man/genbank2uid.Rd man/tp_classification-defunct.Rd man/eol_search.Rd man/getkey.Rd man/tpl_families.Rd man/gni_search.Rd man/bold_search.Rd man/classification.Rd man/upstream.Rd man/itis_refs.Rd man/gisd_invasive-defunct.Rd man/ncbi_children.Rd man/tpl_search-defunct.Rd man/eubon_hierarchy.Rd man/nbn_search.Rd man/itis_downstream.Rd man/tax_name.Rd man/lowest_common.Rd man/tax_rank.Rd man/scrapenames.Rd man/eol_hierarchy-defunct.Rd man/tp_namereferences-deprecated.Rd man/resolve.Rd man/get_uid.Rd man/tp_synonyms.Rd man/get_wormsid.Rd man/get_gbifid.Rd man/get_colid.Rd man/rank_ref.Rd man/eol_pages.Rd man/tnrs_sources.Rd man/class2tree.Rd man/itis_name-deprecated.Rd man/taxize_cite.Rd man/ncbi_getbyid-defunct.Rd man/apg_lookup.Rd man/ubio_synonyms-defunct.Rd man/ncbi_getbyname-defunct.Rd man/gni_details.Rd man/itis_acceptname.Rd man/get_tolid.Rd man/ubio_classification_search-defunct.Rd man/itis_native.Rd man/ubio_classification-defunct.Rd man/downstream.Rd man/plantNames.Rd man/get_genes_avail-defunct.Rd man/eol_invasive-defunct.Rd man/ping.Rd man/taxize-defunct.Rd man/names_list.Rd man/gbif_downstream.Rd man/ncbi_search-defunct.Rd man/tpl_get.Rd man/itis_kingdomnames.Rd man/taxize_ldfast.Rd man/col_downstream.Rd man/tp_summary.Rd

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