Man pages for tdaunif
Uniform Manifold Samplers for Topological Data Analysis

arch-spiralsSample (with noise) from archimedean spirals and swiss rolls
circlesSample (with noise) from circles
disksSample (with noise) from disk
ellipsesSample (with noise) from ellipses
klein-bottlesSample (with noise) from Klein bottles
lemniscatesSample (with noise) from lemniscates (figure eights)
noiseAdd noise to a sample
real-projective-planesSample (with noise) from real projective planes
rejection-samplersCustom uniform rejection samplers
sphereSample (with noise) from a sphere
stratified-samplersStratified sample of any unit dimensional space
tdaunif*tdaunif*: Uniform manifold samplers for topological data...
toriSample (with noise) from tori
trefoilSample (with noise) from trefoil knot
trianglesSample (with noise) from planar triangles
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