Steps to install $\LaTeX$ on personally-owned Windows machines

1) With the installr package, MiKTeX may be installed from within R by running installr::install_miktex()

2) Without the installr package MiKTeX can be installed from HERE

a) Choose to `Install Packages on the Fly`

b) Otherwise accept all the defaults

3) Once installed, open RStudio and click to create a new file

a) Choose `R Markdown` to create a new Rmarkdown file `filename.Rmd`

b) In the 'Document' dialog choose 'PDF Document'

c) Once the demo file opens, click <img src='media/images/knit.png' style='vertical-align: top; height: 30px;'> to knit the rmarkdown file into a PDF document

d) If a pop-up window appears, asking permission to install a $\LaTeX$ package, check the default location of the package repository and allow the package to install

e) The first time a document knits into a PDF it can take a minute to install the packages

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