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Develop a 'Telegram Bot' with R

add_error_handlerAdd an error handler
add_handlerAdd a handler
answerCallbackQuerySend answers to callback queries
answerInlineQuerySend answers to an inline query
BaseFilterThe base of all filters
BotCreating a Bot
bot_tokenGet a token from environment
CallbackQueryHandlerHandling callback queries
check_updateCheck an update
clean_updatesClean any pending updates
CommandHandlerHandling commands
deleteMessageDelete a message
deleteWebhookRemove webhook integration
DispatcherThe dispatcher of all updates
editMessageCaptionEdit a caption
editMessageReplyMarkupEdit a reply markup
editMessageTextEdit a text message
effective_chatGet the effective chat
effective_messageGet the effective message
effective_userGet the effective user
ErrorHandlerHandling errors
filtersLogicCombining filters
ForceReplyDisplay a reply
forwardMessageForward messages of any kind
from_chat_idGet an update's chat ID
from_user_idGet an update's user ID
getFilePrepare a file for downloading
getMeCheck your bot's information
getUpdatesReceive incoming updates
getUserProfilePhotosGet a user's profile photos
getWebhookInfoGet current webhook status
HandlerThe base of all handlers
handle_updateHandle an update
InlineKeyboardButtonCreate an inline keyboard button
InlineKeyboardMarkupCreate an inline keyboard markup
InlineQueryResultThe base of inline query results
KeyboardButtonCreate a keyboard button
leaveChatLeave a chat
MessageFiltersFilter message updates
MessageHandlerHandling messages
ReplyKeyboardMarkupCreate a keyboard markup
ReplyKeyboardRemoveRemove a keyboard
runningRetrieve the status of the Webhook.
sendAnimationSend animation files
sendAudioSend audio files
sendChatActionSend a chat action
sendDocumentSend general files
sendLocationSend point on the map
sendMessageSend text messages
sendPhotoSend image files
sendStickerSend a sticker
sendVideoSend a video
sendVideoNoteSend video messages
sendVoiceSend voice files
set_tokenChange your bot's auth token
setWebhookSet a webhook
start_pollingStart polling
start_serverStart the webhook server.
stop_pollingStop polling
stop_serverStop the webhook server.
telegram.botDevelop a Telegram Bot with R
TelegramObjectThe base of objects
TelegramObject-addConstructing an Updater
UpdateRepresent an update
UpdaterBuilding a Telegram Bot with Update Polling
user_idGet a user from environment
WebhookBuilding a Telegram Bot with a Webhook documentation built on Sept. 7, 2022, 5:07 p.m.