tensorA: Advanced tensors arithmetic with named indices

The package provides convenience functions for advance linear algebra with tensors and computation with datasets of tensors on a higher level abstraction. It includes Einstein and Riemann summing conventions, dragging, co- and contravariate indices, parallel computations on sequences of tensors.

AuthorK. Gerald van den Boogaart <boogaart@uni-greifswald.de>
Date of publication2010-12-01 15:07:54
MaintainerK. Gerald van den Boogaart <boogaart@math.tu-freiberg.de>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addtensor: Element-wise arithmetic operations +,-,*,/ with tensors

astensor: Coercion to a tensor

bindtensor: A cbind/rbind for tensors

choltensor: Cholesky decomposition of a tensor

deltatensor: Creates a Kronecker delta tensor

diagmul: Multiplication of a tensor with a tensor given by its...

diagtensor: Creates a "diagonal" tensor

dragtensor: Managing covariate and contravariate indices

einstein: Tensor multiplication with Einstein's convention, by summing...

ftabletensor: Pretty printing of tensors

invtensor: Inversion of a tensor as linear mapping from tensors to...

istensor: Checking for being a tensor

leveltensor: The level (number of indices) of a tensor

margin: Marginalization of tensors

marktensor: Marks the names of a tensor with a mark

meantensor: Mean and variance of tensors

multensor: Tensor multiplication for the tensor class

names: Getting and setting index and dimensionnames of a tensor

normtensor: Calculate the Euclidean norm or Euclidean operator norm of a...

onetensor: Creates a tensor with all entries 1

postensor: enumeration of index combinations

powertensor: Compute the power of a symmetric tensor

reordertensor: Permutation of indices and storage sequence of a tensor

reptensor: Repeats a tensor

riemann: Tensor multiplication with Riemann's convention

sequencing: Working with index sequences

slicetensor: Working with the indices of a tensor (accessing, slicing,...

solvetensor: Solving linear equations with tensors

svdtensor: Singular value decomposition of tensors

tensorA.package: The tensorA package for tensor arithmetic

tomatrixtensor: The matrix corresponding to a tensor seen as a linear mapping...

toPos: get the position of an index of tensor

totensor: Creates a tensor object

tracetensor: Collapse a tensor

tripledelta: A tensor with entry 1 if and only if three indices are equal

undroptensor: Adds a spurious dimension to a tensor

untensor: Removes indices/dimensions from a tensor


add.tensor Man page
as.contravariate Man page
as.contravariate.character Man page
as.covariate Man page
as.covariate.character Man page
as.tensor Man page
as.tensor.default Man page
as.tensor.tensor Man page
bind.tensor Man page
chol.tensor Man page
contraname Man page
delta.tensor Man page
diagmul.tensor Man page
diag.tensor Man page
dimnames<-.tensor Man page
dimnames.tensor Man page
dim<-.tensor Man page
drag.tensor Man page
\%e\% Man page
einstein.tensor Man page
\%e\%.tensor Man page
ftable.tensor Man page
inv.tensor Man page
is.contravariate Man page
is.contravariate.character Man page
is.contravariate.numeric Man page
is.contravariate.tensor Man page
is.covariate Man page
is.covariate.character Man page
is.covariate.numeric Man page
is.covariate.tensor Man page
is.tensor Man page
level.tensor Man page
margin.tensor Man page
mark Man page
mark.character Man page
mark.numeric Man page
mark.tensor Man page
mean.tensor Man page
mul.tensor Man page
names<-.tensor Man page
names.tensor Man page
norm Man page
norm.tensor Man page
one.tensor Man page
opnorm Man page
opnorm.tensor Man page
pos.tensor Man page
power.tensor Man page
\%r\% Man page
renamefirst.tensor Man page
reorder.tensor Man page
reorder.tidx Man page
rep.tensor Man page
riemann.tensor Man page
\%r\%.tensor Man page
slice.tensor Man page
solve.tensor Man page
svd.tensor Man page
tensor Man page
^.tensor Man page
|.tensor Man page
-.tensor Man page
/.tensor Man page
[<-.tensor Man page
[.tensor Man page
[[<-.tensor Man page
[[.tensor Man page
$.tensor Man page
*.tensor Man page
+.tensor Man page
Tensor Man page
tensorA Man page
tensorA-package Man page
to.matrix.tensor Man page
toPos.tensor Man page
to.tensor Man page
to.tensor.default Man page
trace.tensor Man page
tripledelta.tensor Man page
undrop.tensor Man page
untensor Man page
var.tensor Man page

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