Man pages for tensorA
Advanced Tensor Arithmetic with Named Indices

addtensorElement-wise arithmetic operations +,-,*,/ with tensors
astensorCoercion to a tensor
bindtensorA cbind/rbind for tensors
choltensorCholesky decomposition of a tensor
deltatensorCreates a Kronecker delta tensor
diagmulMultiplication of a tensor with a tensor given by its...
diagtensorCreates a "diagonal" tensor
dragtensorManaging covariate and contravariate indices
einsteinTensor multiplication with Einstein's convention, by summing...
ftabletensorPretty printing of tensors
invtensorInversion of a tensor as linear mapping from tensors to...
istensorChecking for being a tensor
leveltensorThe level (number of indices) of a tensor
marginMarginalization of tensors
marktensorMarks the names of a tensor with a mark
meantensorMean and variance of tensors
multensorTensor multiplication for the tensor class
namesGetting and setting index and dimensionnames of a tensor
normtensorCalculate the Euclidean norm or Euclidean operator norm of a...
onetensorCreates a tensor with all entries 1
postensorenumeration of index combinations
powertensorCompute the power of a symmetric tensor
reordertensorPermutation of indices and storage sequence of a tensor
reptensorRepeats a tensor
riemannTensor multiplication with Riemann's convention
sequencingWorking with index sequences
slicetensorWorking with the indices of a tensor (accessing, slicing,...
solvetensorSolving linear equations with tensors
svdtensorSingular value decomposition of tensors
tensorA.packageThe tensorA package for tensor arithmetic
tomatrixtensorThe matrix corresponding to a tensor seen as a linear mapping...
toPosget the position of an index of tensor
totensorCreates a tensor object
tracetensorCollapse a tensor
tripledeltaA tensor with entry 1 if and only if three indices are equal
undroptensorAdds a spurious dimension to a tensor
untensorRemoves indices/dimensions from a tensor
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