Man pages for tensorBSS
Blind Source Separation Methods for Tensor-Valued Observations

ggtaugplotAugmentation plot for each mode of an object of class taug...
ggtladleplotLadle plot for each mode of an object of class tladle using...
k_tJADEk-tJADE for Tensor-Valued Observations
mFlattenFlattening an Array Along One Mode
mModeAutoCovarianceThe m-Mode Autocovariance Matrix
mModeCovarianceThe m-Mode Covariance Matrix
plot.tbssPlot an Object of the Class tbss
print.taugPrinting an object of class taug
print.tladlePrinting an object of class tladle
selectComponentsSelect the Most Informative Components
tensorBootBootstrapping or Permuting a Data Tensor
tensorBSS-packageBlind Source Separation Methods for Tensor-Valued...
tensorCenteringCenter an Array of Observations
tensorStandardizeStandardize an Observation Array
tensorTransformLinear Transformation of Tensors from mth Mode
tensorTransform2Linear Transformations of Tensors from Several Modes
tensorVectorizeVectorize an Observation Tensor
tFOBIFOBI for Tensor-Valued Observations
tGFOBIgFOBI for Tensor-Valued Time Series
tGJADEgJADE for Tensor-Valued Time Series
tJADEtJADE for Tensor-Valued Observations
tMDMinimum Distance Index of a Kronecker Product
tNSS.JDNSS-JD Method for Tensor-Valued Time Series
tNSS.SDNSS-SD Method for Tensor-Valued Time Series
tNSS.TD.JDTNSS-TD-JD Method for Tensor-Valued Time Series
tPCAPCA for Tensor-Valued Observations
tPCAaugOrder Determination for Tensorial PCA Using Augmentation
tPCAladleLadle Estimate for tPCA
tPPProjection pursuit for Tensor-Valued Observations
tSIRSIR for Tensor-Valued Observations
tSOBISOBI for Tensor-Valued Time Series
tTUCKERTucker (2) Transformation for a Tensor
zip2imagefunction to convert row of zip file to format used by image()
zip.testHandwritten Digit Recognition Data
zip.trainHandwritten Digit Recognition Data
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