Man pages for terrainr
Landscape Visualizations in R and 'Unity'

addbuffAdd a uniform buffer around a bounding box
calc_haversine_distanceExtract latitude and longitude from a provided object
combine_overlaysCombine multiple image overlays into a single file
deg_to_radConvert decimal degrees to radians
geom_spatial_rgbPlot RGB rasters in ggplot2
georeference_overlayGeoreference image overlays based on a reference raster
get_centroidGet the great-circle centroid for latitude/longitude data
get_tilesA user-friendly way to get USGS National Map data tiles for...
hit_national_map_apiHit the USGS 3DEP API and retrieve an elevation heightmap
merge_rastersMerge multiple raster files into a single raster
point_from_distanceFind latitude and longitude for a certain distance and...
rad_to_degConvert radians to degrees
raster_to_raw_tilesCrop a raster and convert the output tiles into new formats.
terrainr_bounding_boxConstruct a terrainr_bounding_box object
terrainr_bounding_box-classS4 class for bounding boxes in the format expected by...
terrainr_coordinate_pairConstruct a terrainr_coordinate_pair object.
terrainr_coordinate_pair-classS4 class for coordinate points in the format expected by...
terrainr-packageterrainr: Landscape Visualizations in R and 'Unity'
vector_to_overlayTurn spatial vector data into an image overlay
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