terrainr_bounding_box: Construct a terrainr_bounding_box object

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In order to simplify code, most terrainr functions expect a set S4 class representation of coordinate pairs and bounding boxes. If the provided data is not in the expected S4 format, these functions are used to cast the data into the target class.


terrainr_bounding_box(bl, tr, coord_units = "degrees")


bl, tr

The bottom left (bl) and top right (tr) corners of the bounding box, either as a [terrainr_coordinate_pair] object or a coordinate pair. If the coordinate pair is not named, it is assumed to be in (lat, lng) format; if it is named, the function will attempt to properly identify coordinates.


Arguments passed to [terrainr_coordinate_pair]. If bl and tr are already [terrainr_coordinate_pair] objects, these arguments are not used.


An object of class [terrainr_bounding_box].

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