tester: Tests and checks characteristics of R objects

tester allows you to test characteristics of common R objects.

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AuthorGaston Sanchez
Date of publication2013-11-14 09:26:49
MaintainerGaston Sanchez <gaston.stat@gmail.com>

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Man pages

has_dimension: Has dimension?

has_factors: Has factors?

has_missing: Has missing values, NA, NaN, Inf

has_names: Has or lacks names?

has_rownames: Has or lacks row/column names?

is_class: Is class

is_dataframe: Is data frame

is_decimal: Is decimal

is_diagonal: Is diagonal matrix

is_even: Is even

is_integer: Is integer

is_matrix: Is matrix

is_multiple: Is multiple

is_natural: Is natural

is_negative: Is negative

is_negative_decimal: Is negative decimal

is_negative_integer: Is negative integer

is_odd: Is even

is_one_dim: Test if an object has one-dimension

is_positive: Is positive

is_positive_decimal: Is positive decimal

is_positive_integer: Is positive integer

is_scalar: Is scalar

is_single: Is single

is_single_decimal: Is single decimal

is_single_even: Is single even

is_single_false: Is single false

is_single_logical: Is single logical

is_single_negative: Is single negative number

is_single_negative_decimal: Is single negative decimal

is_single_negative_integer: Is single negative integer

is_single_number: Is single number

is_single_odd: Is single odd

is_single_positive: Is single positive number

is_single_positive_decimal: Is single positive decimal

is_single_positive_integer: Is single positive integer

is_single_string: Is single string

is_single_true: Is single true

is_square_matrix: Is square matrix

is_square_numeric_matrix: Is square numeric matrix

is_string: Is string

is_tabular: Is tabular

is_triangular_matrix: Is triangular matrix


is_vector: Is vector

list_of_vectors: List of vectors

list_with_vectors: List with vectors

same_class: Same Class

same_dim: Same Dimension

same_length: Same Length

same_mode: Same Mode

same_nrow: Same Number of Rows / Columns

same_type: Same Type


different_class Man page
different_dim Man page
different_length Man page
different_mode Man page
different_ncol Man page
different_nrow Man page
different_type Man page
has_colnames Man page
has_dim Man page
has_dimension Man page
has_dimnames Man page
has_factors Man page
has_Inf Man page
has_infinite Man page
has_missing Man page
has_NA Man page
has_names Man page
has_NaN Man page
has_nas Man page
has_not_a_number Man page
has_rownames Man page
is_class Man page
is_dataframe Man page
is_decimal Man page
is_diagonal Man page
is_even Man page
is_factor_dataframe Man page
is_false Man page
is_FALSE Man page
is_integer Man page
is_logical_matrix Man page
is_logical_vector Man page
is_lower_triangular Man page
is_matrix Man page
is_multiple Man page
is_natural Man page
is_negative Man page
is_negative_decimal Man page
is_negative_integer Man page
is_negative_scalar Man page
is_not_dataframe Man page
is_not_decimal Man page
is_not_diagonal Man page
is_not_even Man page
is_not_integer Man page
is_not_matrix Man page
is_not_natural Man page
is_not_negative Man page
is_not_odd Man page
is_not_positive Man page
is_not_scalar Man page
is_not_square_matrix Man page
is_not_square_numeric_matrix Man page
is_not_string Man page
is_not_tabular Man page
is_not_vector Man page
is_numeric_dataframe Man page
is_numeric_matrix Man page
is_numeric_tabular Man page
is_numeric_vector Man page
is_odd Man page
is_one_dim Man page
is_positive Man page
is_positive_decimal Man page
is_positive_integer Man page
is_positive_scalar Man page
is_scalar Man page
is_single Man page
is_single_decimal Man page
is_single_even Man page
is_single_false Man page
is_single_logical Man page
is_single_negative Man page
is_single_negative_decimal Man page
is_single_negative_integer Man page
is_single_number Man page
is_single_odd Man page
is_single_positive Man page
is_single_positive_decimal Man page
is_single_positive_integer Man page
is_single_string Man page
is_single_true Man page
is_square_matrix Man page
is_square_numeric_matrix Man page
is_string Man page
is_string_dataframe Man page
is_string_matrix Man page
is_string_tabular Man page
is_string_vector Man page
is_tabular Man page
is_triangular_matrix Man page
is_true Man page
is_TRUE Man page
is_upper_triangular Man page
is_vector Man page
lacks_colnames Man page
lacks_dim Man page
lacks_dimension Man page
lacks_dimnames Man page
lacks_names Man page
lacks_rownames Man page
list_of_logical_vectors Man page
list_of_numeric_vectors Man page
list_of_string_vectors Man page
list_of_vectors Man page
list_with_numeric_vectors Man page
list_with_string_vectors Man page
list_with_vectors Man page
same_class Man page
same_dim Man page
same_length Man page
same_mode Man page
same_ncol Man page
same_nrow Man page
same_type Man page
true_or_false Man page


R/list-of-vectors.r R/is-scalar.r R/is-string.r R/has-missing.r R/true-false.r R/odd-even.r R/is-vector.r R/same-type.r R/is-matrix.r R/same-length.r R/same-dim.r R/same-mode.r R/is-positive-negative.r R/is-multiple.r R/same-class.r R/is-decimal.r R/is-class.r R/is-integer.r R/is-dataframe.r R/is-one-dim.r R/has_factors.r R/is-triangular.r R/is_square_matrix.r R/is-tabular.r R/has-names.r R/has-dimension.r R/list-with-vectors.r R/is-natural.r R/is-single.r
man/is_single_false.Rd man/is_negative_decimal.Rd man/is_diagonal.Rd man/is_class.Rd man/is_scalar.Rd man/list_of_vectors.Rd man/is_triangular_matrix.Rd man/has_factors.Rd man/is_dataframe.Rd man/same_dim.Rd man/is_single_decimal.Rd man/is_single_logical.Rd man/is_single_positive.Rd man/is_natural.Rd man/has_dimension.Rd man/is_square_numeric_matrix.Rd man/has_rownames.Rd man/is_single_negative_decimal.Rd man/is_vector.Rd man/is_one_dim.Rd man/is_negative_integer.Rd man/is_string.Rd man/is_single_true.Rd man/is_single_negative_integer.Rd man/is_single_even.Rd man/list_with_vectors.Rd man/is_single_string.Rd man/is_tabular.Rd man/is_decimal.Rd man/same_length.Rd man/is_single_number.Rd man/is_single_positive_decimal.Rd man/is_single_positive_integer.Rd man/same_class.Rd man/same_type.Rd man/is_multiple.Rd man/same_mode.Rd man/is_negative.Rd man/is_single_odd.Rd man/has_names.Rd man/is_single_negative.Rd man/is_TRUE.Rd man/is_integer.Rd man/has_missing.Rd man/is_single.Rd man/is_positive.Rd man/same_nrow.Rd man/is_positive_integer.Rd man/is_odd.Rd man/is_positive_decimal.Rd man/is_matrix.Rd man/is_even.Rd man/is_square_matrix.Rd

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