Man pages for tester
Tests and checks characteristics of R objects

has_dimensionHas dimension?
has_factorsHas factors?
has_missingHas missing values, NA, NaN, Inf
has_namesHas or lacks names?
has_rownamesHas or lacks row/column names?
is_classIs class
is_dataframeIs data frame
is_decimalIs decimal
is_diagonalIs diagonal matrix
is_evenIs even
is_integerIs integer
is_matrixIs matrix
is_multipleIs multiple
is_naturalIs natural
is_negativeIs negative
is_negative_decimalIs negative decimal
is_negative_integerIs negative integer
is_oddIs even
is_one_dimTest if an object has one-dimension
is_positiveIs positive
is_positive_decimalIs positive decimal
is_positive_integerIs positive integer
is_scalarIs scalar
is_singleIs single
is_single_decimalIs single decimal
is_single_evenIs single even
is_single_falseIs single false
is_single_logicalIs single logical
is_single_negativeIs single negative number
is_single_negative_decimalIs single negative decimal
is_single_negative_integerIs single negative integer
is_single_numberIs single number
is_single_oddIs single odd
is_single_positiveIs single positive number
is_single_positive_decimalIs single positive decimal
is_single_positive_integerIs single positive integer
is_single_stringIs single string
is_single_trueIs single true
is_square_matrixIs square matrix
is_square_numeric_matrixIs square numeric matrix
is_stringIs string
is_tabularIs tabular
is_triangular_matrixIs triangular matrix
is_vectorIs vector
list_of_vectorsList of vectors
list_with_vectorsList with vectors
same_classSame Class
same_dimSame Dimension
same_lengthSame Length
same_modeSame Mode
same_nrowSame Number of Rows / Columns
same_typeSame Type
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