textmining: Integration of Text Mining and Topic Modeling Packages

A framework for text mining and topic modelling. It provides an easy interface for using different topic modeling methods within R, by integrating the already existing packages. Full functionality of the package requires a local installation of 'TreeTagger'.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJan Idziak [cre], Maciej Eder [aut], Tomasz Melcer [aut], Andrew Goldstone [cph]
Date of publication2016-09-26 00:56:23
MaintainerJan Idziak <JanIdziak@gmail.com>

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as.tmCorpus Man page
filter_documents Man page
getDoc Man page
getMeta Man page
make_tabled Man page
mallet_prepare Man page
ngram Man page
parse Man page
predict Man page
predict.jobjRef Man page
predict.LDA Man page
predict.tmTopicModel Man page
setDoc Man page
setMeta Man page
tabler Man page
terms Man page
terms.jobjRef Man page
terms.tmTopicModel Man page
tmCorpus Man page
tmMetaData Man page
tmParsed Man page
tmTaggedCorpus Man page
tmTextDocument Man page
tmWordCountsTable Man page
topic_network Man page
topic_table Man page
topic_wordcloud Man page
train Man page
train.DocumentTermMatrix Man page
train.tmCorpus Man page

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