Man pages for textmining
Integration of Text Mining and Topic Modeling Packages

as.tmCorpusCreate textmining Corpus
filter_documentsFunction to filter tagged text
getDocFunction to access documents for textmining objects
getMetaFunction to access meta data for textmining objects
make_tabledFunction to create tmWordCountsTable object from tmParsed
mallet_prepareHelper function to use mallet topic modelling with tmCorpus
ngramFunction to create ngram docs
parseFunction to parse tmCorpus. As an outpus we have tmParsed...
predictpredict for 'tmTopicModel' object
setDocFunction to change documents for textmining objects
setMetaFunction to access meta data for textmining objects
tablerHelper function for tabelarising documents
termsFunction to return the most frequent terms of tmTopicModels
tmCorpusFunction to create tmCorpus
tmMetaDataFunction to create tmMetaData
tmParsedFunction to create tmParsed
tmTaggedCorpusFunction to create tmTaggedCorpus
tmTextDocumentFunction to create single tmTextDocument with meta data. The...
tmWordCountsTableFunction to create tmWordCountsTable
topic_networkFunction to plot topic network
topic_tableFunction to calculate topics and words arrays from the mallet...
topic_wordcloudSimple wordcloud visualization of the topics.
traintrain for 'tmCorpus' object
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