Man pages for tfse
Tools for Script Editing

add_arg_ifAdd defaults to argument list
apa_citationAPA citation of R package
ccCombine comma separated strings
copy_functionCopy function to clipboard
count_naCount missing values
data_setCreate data set
desc_get_varDescription variables
dot-Renviron.Renviron file
file_editOpen file in text editor
github_rawGenerate link to raw Github file
grapes-P-grapesPaste grapes
gregexpr_smart gregexpr wrapper
homeHome directory
match_argmatch arg to choices
max_naFilter based on proportion of missing data
min_varSelect columns with minimum amount of variance
na_omitOmit missing values/rows
ninReturn lhs values not in rhs values
n_uqNumber of unique elements
paste_collapsePaste collapse
peel_listspeel lists
pipePipe operator
pmsgPaste collapse input and print as message
print_as_colPrint data frame as a single column
print_completePrint message about completing a task
print_startPrint message about starting a task
psubPaste sub
read_RDSRead RDS
regmatches_extract reg expr matches
rename_git_repoRename git repo code
rescaleStandard: Rescale values to a standard normal scale
rm_.DS_StoreRemove pesky .DS_Store files
save_RDSSave RDS
search_functionsearch functions
search_these_filesSearch these files
set_classset class
set_namesSet names
set_renvSet R environment variable
shhhexecute expression quietly
show_connectionsshow connections
substrevSub string reverse
tfsetfse: Various Useful Functions
this_in_thatWhere is this in that?
unset_row_namesUnset row names
un_zipUnzip files into directory
write_functionWrite function to file
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