Man pages for theseus
Analysis and Visualization Tools for Microbial Community Data

cohort_relabundCreates a relative abundance cohort plot
constordPlots constrained ordination results
envtoverlayEnvironmental variable fitting to unconstrained ordination...
prevCreate prevalence vs abundance plot
pstoveg_otuconverts the otu_table slot of a phyloseq object to a...
pstoveg_sampleConverts sample_data slot of a phyloseq object to...
pstoveg_sdconverts the sam_data slot of a phyloseq object to a...
qualcontourCreate read quality color contour plots
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sigtabDifferential abundance data
sigtab.2vs3Differential abundance data
WWTP_ImpactFreshwater stream microbiome data
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