tidyfit 0.7.1

Minor bugfix for non-syntactic name handling in 'rf' and 'quantile_rf' methods.

tidyfit 0.7.0

This version adds several new features and methods:

tidyfit 0.6.5

This version adds a new regression method:

In addition, there a few additional features & fixes:

tidyfit 0.6.4

This version adds two new regression and classification methods:

In addition this version fixes a bug with 'adalasso' in conjunction with the 'dfmax' and 'pmax' arguments. Finally, the internal '.model' generic is renamed to '.fit'.

tidyfit 0.6.3

tidyfit 0.6.2

This version adds new regression methods: Bayesian ridge and Bayesian lasso (using 'monomvn'-package). In addition, a number of improvements are made to the internal functions:

tidyfit 0.6.1

tidyfit 0.6.0

This version adds several new methods and enhances functionality & documentation:

tidyfit 0.5.1

tidyfit 0.5.0

tidyfit 0.4.0

tidyfit 0.3.0

tidyfit 0.2.1

tidyfit 0.2.0

tidyfit 0.1.0

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