Man pages for tidyfst
Tidy Verbs for Fast Data Manipulation

add_propAdd percentage to counts in data.frame
arrange_dtArrange entries in data.frame
as_fstSave a data.frame as a fst table
col_maxGet the column name of the max/min number each row
complete_dtComplete a data frame with missing combinations of data
countCount observations by group
cummeanCumulative mean
distinct_dtSelect distinct/unique rows in data.frame
dtShort cut to data.table
dummy_dtFast creation of dummy variables
filter_dtFilter entries in data.frame
fstParse,inspect and extract data.table from fst file
fst_ioRead and write fst files
grapes-notin-grapesNot in operator
group_byGroup by variable(s) and implement operations
group_dtData manipulation within groups
impute_dtImpute missing values with mean, median or mode
joinJoin tables
lag_leadFast lead/lag for vectors
longerPivot data from wide to long
missingDump, replace and fill missing values in data.frame
mutateMutate columns in data.frame
mutate_varsConditional update of columns in data.table
nestNest and unnest
nthExtract the nth value from a vector
object_sizeNice printing of report the Space Allocated for an Object
pairwiseCount pairs of items within a group
pkg_loadLoad or unload R package(s)
print_optionsSet global printing method for data.table
pull_dtPull out a single variable
recRecode number or strings
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
relocate_dtChange column order
rename_dtRename column in data.frame
replace_dtFast value replacement in data frame
rownamesTools for working with row names
sampleSample rows randomly from a table
selectSelect column from data.frame
separate_dtSeparate a character column into two columns using a regular...
setopsSet operations for data frames
sliceSubset rows using their positions
sql_joinCase insensitive table joining like SQL
summarise_dtSummarise columns to single values
sys_time_printConvenient print of time taken
t_dtEfficient transpose of data.frame
tidymatConversion between tidy table and named matrix
uncount_dt"Uncount" a data frame
unite_dtUnite multiple columns into one by pasting strings together
utf8_encodingUse UTF-8 for character encoding in a data frame
wider_dtPivot data from long to wide
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