Man pages for tidytransit
Read, Validate, Analyze, and Map Files in the General Transit Feed Specification

agency_infoCreate a text listing the first 'max_agencies' agencies of...
clear_api_keyClear the API key.
count_service_tripsSummarise the number of trips per service
download_from_urlDownload a zipped GTFS feed file from a url
feed_containsReturns TRUE if the given gtfs_obj contains the table. Used...
feedlistDataframe of source GTFS data from Transitfeeds
filter_feedlistFilter a feedlist to include only valid urls (ending in .zip...
filter_stopsGet a set of stops for a given set of service ids and route...
filter_stop_timesFilter a 'stop_times' table for a given date and timespan.
filter_stop_times_by_hourFilter stop times by hour of the day
get_api_keyGet API key
get_feedDownload a zipped GTFS feed file from a url
get_feedlistGet list of all available feeds from transitfeeds API
get_route_frequencyGet Route Frequency
get_route_geometryGet all trip shapes for a given route and service.
get_stop_frequencyGet Stop Frequency
get_trip_geometryGet all trip shapes for a given route and service.
gtfs_as_sfConvert stops and shapes to Simple Features
gtfs_dukeExample GTFS data
has_api_keyMake sure API key string is not empty
most_frequent_serviceGet the most frequent service for a set of trips.
plot.gtfsPlot GTFS object routes and their frequencies
raptorCalculate travel times from one stop to all reachable stops
read_gtfsGet and validate dataframes of General Transit Feed...
route_type_namesDataframe of route type id's and the names of the types (e.g....
service_by_dowFilter a gtfs calendar dataframe to service ids for specific...
set_api_keySet TransitFeeds API key for recall
set_date_service_tableReturns all possible date/service_id combinations as a data...
set_hms_timesAdd hms::hms columns to feed
set_servicepatternCalculate servicepattern for the gtfs_obj
set_trippatternAdd trip pattern data frame to the gtfs object
shape_for_routeGet a set of shapes for a route
shape_route_serviceJoin the shapes, trips and routes tables together - also...
shapes_as_sfConvert shapes into Simple Features Linestrings
shapes_for_routesGet a set of shapes for a set of routes
stops_as_sfConvert stops into Simple Features Points
summary.gtfsGTFS feed summary
travel_timesCalculate shortest travel times from a stop to all reachable...
unzip_fileUnzip a file and delete zip
write_gtfsWrites a gtfs object to a zip file. Calculated tidytransit...
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