Man pages for tidytransit
Read, Validate, Analyze, and Map GTFS Feeds

agency_infoCreate a text listing the first 'max_agencies' agencies of...
clear_api_keyClear the API key.
cluster_stopsCluster nearby stops within a group
convert_times_to_hmsUse hms::hms columns in feed
empty_strings_to_naConvert empty strings ("") to NA values in gtfs tables
feed_containsReturns TRUE if the given gtfs_obj contains the table. Used...
feedlistDataframe of source GTFS data from Transitfeeds
filter_feed_by_areaFilter a gtfs feed so that it only contains trips that pass a...
filter_feed_by_dateFilter a gtfs feed so that it only contains trips running on...
filter_feed_by_stopsFilter a gtfs feed so that it only contains trips that pass...
filter_feed_by_tripsFilter a gtfs feed so that it only contains a given set of...
filter_stopsGet a set of stops for a given set of service ids and route...
filter_stop_timesFilter a 'stop_times' table for a given date and timespan.
get_api_keyGet API key
get_feedlistGet list of all available feeds from transitfeeds API
get_route_frequencyGet Route Frequency
get_route_geometryGet all trip shapes for a given route and service
get_stop_frequencyGet Stop Frequency
get_trip_geometryGet all trip shapes for given trip ids
gtfs_as_sfConvert stops and shapes to Simple Features
gtfs_dukeExample GTFS data
gtfs_transformTransform or convert coordinates of a gtfs feed
has_api_keyMake sure API key string is not empty
na_to_empty_stringsConvert NA values to empty strings ("")
plot.tidygtfsPlot GTFS stops and trips
print.tidygtfsPrint a GTFS object
raptorCalculate travel times from one stop to all reachable stops
read_gtfsRead and validate GTFS files
route_type_namesDataframe of route type id's and the names of the types (e.g....
service_by_dowFilter a gtfs calendar dataframe to service ids for specific...
set_api_keySet TransitFeeds API key for recall
set_dates_servicesReturns all possible date/service_id combinations as a data...
set_servicepatternCalculate servicepattern ids for a gtfs feed
sf_as_tblConvert stops and shapes from sf objects to tibbles
sf_lines_to_dfAdds the coordinates of an sf LINESTRING object as columns...
sf_points_to_dfAdds the coordinates of an sf POINT object as columns
shapes_as_sfConvert shapes into Simple Features Linestrings
stop_distancesCalculate distances between a given set of stops
stop_group_distancesCalculates distances among stop within the same group column
stops_as_sfConvert stops into Simple Features Points
summary.tidygtfsGTFS feed summary
travel_timesCalculate shortest travel times from a stop to all reachable...
validate_gtfsValidate GTFS file
write_gtfsWrite a tidygtfs object to a zip file
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