tigris: Load Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles into R

Download TIGER/Line shapefiles from the United States Census Bureau and load into R as 'SpatialDataFrame' objects.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorKyle Walker [aut, cre], Bob Rudis [ctb]
Date of publication2016-07-06 09:44:04
MaintainerKyle Walker <kyle.walker@tcu.edu>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

alaska_native_regional_corporations: Download an Alaska Native Regional Corporation shapefile into...

area_water: Download an area water shapefile into R

block_groups: Download a Census block groups shapefile into R, and...

blocks: Download a Census block shapefile into R

coastline: Download a shapefile of the US coastline into R

combined_statistical_areas: Download a combined statistical areas shapefile into R

congressional_districts: Download a congressional districts shapefile for the 114th...

core_based_statistical_areas: Download a core-based statistical area shapefile into R

counties: Download a US Counties shapefile into R, and optionally...

county_subdivisions: Download a county subdivision shapefile into R

divisions: Download a US Census divisions cartographic boundary...

filter_place: Filter a 'places' Spatial object for only those places...

filter_state: Filter a 'states' Spatial object for only those states...

fips_codes: Dataset with FIPS codes for US states and counties

geo_join: Easily merge a data frame to a spatial data frame

grep_place: Find places matching a term in a 'places' object

grep_state: Find states matching a term in a 'state' object

is_tigris: Returns 'TRUE' if 'obj' has a 'tigris' attribute

landmarks: Download a point or area landmarks shapefile into R

linear_water: Download an linear water shapefile into R

list_counties: Return a data frame of county names & FIPS codes for a given...

list_places: Return a list of all the places in a 'places' object

list_states: Return a list of all the states in a 'state' object

lookup_code: Look up state and county codes

metro_divisions: Download a metropolitan divisions shapefile into R.

military: Download the Military Installation National Shapefile into R

nation: Download a US national boundary shapefile into R

native_areas: Download an American Indian / Alaska Native / Native Hawaiian...

new_england: Download a New England City and Town Area shapefile into R

places: Download a Census-designated places shapefile into R

primary_roads: Download a national primary roads shapefile into R

primary_secondary_roads: Download a primary & secondary roads shapefile into R

pumas: Download a Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) shapefile into R

rails: Download a national rails shapefile into R

rbind_tigris: Row-bind 'tigris' Spatial objects

regions: Download a US regions cartographic boundary shapefile into R

roads: Download a roads shapefile into R

school_districts: Download a school district shapefile into R

state_legislative_districts: Download a state legislative districts shapefile into R -...

states: Download shapefile for all states into R

tigris: Download and use U.S. Census TIGER shapefiles in R

tigris-exports: tigris exported operators

tigris_type: Get the type of 'tigris' object 'obj' is

tracts: Download a Census tracts shapefile into R, and optionally...

tribal_block_groups: Download a Tribal block groups shapefile into R.

tribal_census_tracts: Download a Tribal Census tract shapefile into R.

tribal_subdivisions_national: Download an American Indian Tribal Subdivision National...

urban_areas: Download an urban areas shapefile into R

voting_districts: Download a voting districts shapefile (2012 TIGER/Line) into...

zctas: Download a Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) shapefile into R


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alaska_native_regional_corporations Man page
area_water Man page
block_groups Man page
blocks Man page
coastline Man page
combined_statistical_areas Man page
congressional_districts Man page
core_based_statistical_areas Man page
counties Man page
county_subdivisions Man page
divisions Man page
filter_place Man page
filter_state Man page
fips_codes Man page
geo_join Man page
grep_place Man page
grep_state Man page
is_tigris Man page
landmarks Man page
linear_water Man page
list_counties Man page
list_places Man page
list_states Man page
lookup_code Man page
metro_divisions Man page
military Man page
nation Man page
native_areas Man page
new_england Man page
places Man page
plot Man page
primary_roads Man page
primary_secondary_roads Man page
pumas Man page
rails Man page
rbind_tigris Man page
regions Man page
roads Man page
school_districts Man page
state_legislative_districts Man page
states Man page
tigris Man page
tigris-exports Man page
tigris-package Man page
tigris_type Man page
tracts Man page
tribal_block_groups Man page
tribal_census_tracts Man page
tribal_subdivisions_national Man page
urban_areas Man page
voting_districts Man page
zctas Man page

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