timeseriesdb: Manage Time Series with R and PostgreSQL

Store and organize a large amount of low frequency time series data. The package was designed to manage a large catalog of official statistics which are typically published on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Thus timeseriesdb is optimized to handle a large number of lower frequency time series as opposed to a smaller amount of high frequency time series such as real time data from measuring devices. Hence timeseriesdb provides the opportunity to store extensive multi-lingual meta information. The package also provides a web GUI to explore the underlying PostgreSQL database interactively.

Author"Matthias Bannert <bannert@kof.ethz.ch> [aut, cre]"
Date of publication2015-04-04 07:46:09
Maintainer'Matthias Bannert' <bannert@kof.ethz.ch>

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Man pages

activateTsSet: Activate a Set of Time Series

addMetaInformation: Add Meta Information to R Environments

createChoices: Create Choices Boxes Dynamically

createConObj: Conveniently Create Connection Object to PostgreSQL based...

createHstore: Create Hstore

createUI: Polymorphic Helpers for the Shiny Based GUI

dbIsValid-methods: Check Validity of a PostgreSQL connection

deactivateTsSet: Deactivate a Set of Time Series

deleteTimeSeries: Delete Time Series from the database

exploreDb: Start a GUI to Explore Data

exportTsList: Export A List of Time Series to CSV

getListDepth: Determine depth of a list

getMeta: Quickly Handle Meta Information

importTsList: Import A Long Format CSV File Into a List of Time Series

listTsSets: List All Time Series Sets for a Particular User

loadTsSet: Load a Time Series Set

plotMethods: Plot a list of Time Series Directly plot time series of mixed...

quickHandleOps: Search the Database by Keys

readMetaInformation: Read Meta Information from a Time Series Database

readTimeSeries: Read Time Series From PostgreSQL database

resolveOverlap: Concatenate Time Series and Resolve Overlap Automatically

searchHstore: Search Key-Value Pairs, look for existing keys in an Hstore

searchKeys: Search Keys From Pre-Defined Or Key Based Queries

setAttrListWise: Set Attributes to Each Element of List According to a Given...

storeMetaInformation: Store Meta Information to the Database

storeTimeSeries: Write an R Time Series to a PostgreSQL database

storeTsSet: Store a New Set of Time Series

transactionUtils: Convenience Wrapper to SQL classics for BEGIN,COMMIT,...

zooLikeDateConvert: Zoo like Date Conversion

Files in this package

timeseriesdb/R/utils.R timeseriesdb/R/readTimeseries.R timeseriesdb/R/createConObj.R timeseriesdb/R/tsSetFunctions.R timeseriesdb/R/addMetaInformation.R timeseriesdb/R/createHstore.R timeseriesdb/R/storeTimeseries.R timeseriesdb/R/plotMethod.R timeseriesdb/R/resolveOverlap.R timeseriesdb/R/transactionUtils.R timeseriesdb/R/setAttrListWise.R timeseriesdb/R/importTsList.R timeseriesdb/R/storeMetaInformation.R timeseriesdb/R/deleteTimeSeries.R timeseriesdb/R/dbExplorerUtils.R timeseriesdb/R/getMeta.R timeseriesdb/R/zooLikeDataConvert.R timeseriesdb/R/readMetaInformation.R timeseriesdb/R/print_methods.R timeseriesdb/R/searchHstore.R timeseriesdb/R/quickHandleOps.R timeseriesdb/R/exportTsList.R timeseriesdb/R/exploreDb.R
timeseriesdb/man/searchHstore.Rd timeseriesdb/man/exportTsList.Rd timeseriesdb/man/addMetaInformation.Rd timeseriesdb/man/searchKeys.Rd timeseriesdb/man/plotMethods.Rd timeseriesdb/man/storeTsSet.Rd timeseriesdb/man/readMetaInformation.Rd timeseriesdb/man/createUI.Rd timeseriesdb/man/storeMetaInformation.Rd timeseriesdb/man/quickHandleOps.Rd timeseriesdb/man/setAttrListWise.Rd timeseriesdb/man/resolveOverlap.Rd timeseriesdb/man/storeTimeSeries.Rd timeseriesdb/man/getListDepth.Rd timeseriesdb/man/transactionUtils.Rd timeseriesdb/man/readTimeSeries.Rd timeseriesdb/man/createChoices.Rd timeseriesdb/man/createConObj.Rd timeseriesdb/man/deleteTimeSeries.Rd timeseriesdb/man/loadTsSet.Rd timeseriesdb/man/zooLikeDateConvert.Rd timeseriesdb/man/dbIsValid-methods.Rd timeseriesdb/man/deactivateTsSet.Rd timeseriesdb/man/listTsSets.Rd timeseriesdb/man/getMeta.Rd timeseriesdb/man/createHstore.Rd timeseriesdb/man/importTsList.Rd timeseriesdb/man/exploreDb.Rd timeseriesdb/man/activateTsSet.Rd

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