timeseriesdb: Manage Time Series with R and PostgreSQL

Store and organize a large amount of low frequency time series data. The package was designed to manage a large catalog of official statistics which are typically published on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Thus timeseriesdb is optimized to handle a large number of lower frequency time series as opposed to a smaller amount of high frequency time series such as real time data from measuring devices. Hence timeseriesdb provides the opportunity to store extensive multi-lingual meta information. The package also provides a web GUI to explore the underlying PostgreSQL database interactively.

Author"Matthias Bannert <bannert@kof.ethz.ch> [aut, cre]"
Date of publication2015-04-04 07:46:09
Maintainer'Matthias Bannert' <bannert@kof.ethz.ch>

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Man pages

activateTsSet: Activate a Set of Time Series

addMetaInformation: Add Meta Information to R Environments

createChoices: Create Choices Boxes Dynamically

createConObj: Conveniently Create Connection Object to PostgreSQL based...

createHstore: Create Hstore

createUI: Polymorphic Helpers for the Shiny Based GUI

dbIsValid-methods: Check Validity of a PostgreSQL connection

deactivateTsSet: Deactivate a Set of Time Series

deleteTimeSeries: Delete Time Series from the database

exploreDb: Start a GUI to Explore Data

exportTsList: Export A List of Time Series to CSV

getListDepth: Determine depth of a list

getMeta: Quickly Handle Meta Information

importTsList: Import A Long Format CSV File Into a List of Time Series

listTsSets: List All Time Series Sets for a Particular User

loadTsSet: Load a Time Series Set

plotMethods: Plot a list of Time Series Directly plot time series of mixed...

quickHandleOps: Search the Database by Keys

readMetaInformation: Read Meta Information from a Time Series Database

readTimeSeries: Read Time Series From PostgreSQL database

resolveOverlap: Concatenate Time Series and Resolve Overlap Automatically

searchHstore: Search Key-Value Pairs, look for existing keys in an Hstore

searchKeys: Search Keys From Pre-Defined Or Key Based Queries

setAttrListWise: Set Attributes to Each Element of List According to a Given...

storeMetaInformation: Store Meta Information to the Database

storeTimeSeries: Write an R Time Series to a PostgreSQL database

storeTsSet: Store a New Set of Time Series

transactionUtils: Convenience Wrapper to SQL classics for BEGIN,COMMIT,...

zooLikeDateConvert: Zoo like Date Conversion


activateTsSet Man page
addMetaInformation Man page
beginTransaction Man page
commitTransaction Man page
createChoices Man page
createChoices.key Man page
createChoices.md Man page
createChoices.set Man page
createConObj Man page
createHstore Man page
createHstore.data.frame Man page
createHstore.list Man page
createHstore.ts Man page
createMetaDataHandle Man page
createUI Man page
createUI.key Man page
createUI.md Man page
createUI.set Man page
dbIsValid Man page
dbIsValid,PostgreSQLConnection-method Man page
deactivateTsSet Man page
deleteTimeSeries Man page
exploreDb Man page
exportTsList Man page
getListDepth Man page
getMeta Man page
importTsList Man page
\%k\% Man page
listTsSets Man page
loadTsSet Man page
lookForKey Man page
plot.tslist Man page
readMetaInformation Man page
readTimeSeries Man page
resolveOverlap Man page
rollbackTransaction Man page
searchKeys Man page
searchKeys.key Man page
searchKeys.md Man page
searchKeys.set Man page
searchKVP Man page
setAttrListWise Man page
storeMetaInformation Man page
storeTimeSeries Man page
storeTsSet Man page
zooLikeDateconvert Man page
zooLikeDateConvert Man page


timeseriesdb/R/utils.R timeseriesdb/R/readTimeseries.R timeseriesdb/R/createConObj.R timeseriesdb/R/tsSetFunctions.R timeseriesdb/R/addMetaInformation.R timeseriesdb/R/createHstore.R timeseriesdb/R/storeTimeseries.R timeseriesdb/R/plotMethod.R timeseriesdb/R/resolveOverlap.R timeseriesdb/R/transactionUtils.R timeseriesdb/R/setAttrListWise.R timeseriesdb/R/importTsList.R timeseriesdb/R/storeMetaInformation.R timeseriesdb/R/deleteTimeSeries.R timeseriesdb/R/dbExplorerUtils.R timeseriesdb/R/getMeta.R timeseriesdb/R/zooLikeDataConvert.R timeseriesdb/R/readMetaInformation.R timeseriesdb/R/print_methods.R timeseriesdb/R/searchHstore.R timeseriesdb/R/quickHandleOps.R timeseriesdb/R/exportTsList.R timeseriesdb/R/exploreDb.R
timeseriesdb/man/searchHstore.Rd timeseriesdb/man/exportTsList.Rd timeseriesdb/man/addMetaInformation.Rd timeseriesdb/man/searchKeys.Rd timeseriesdb/man/plotMethods.Rd timeseriesdb/man/storeTsSet.Rd timeseriesdb/man/readMetaInformation.Rd timeseriesdb/man/createUI.Rd timeseriesdb/man/storeMetaInformation.Rd timeseriesdb/man/quickHandleOps.Rd timeseriesdb/man/setAttrListWise.Rd timeseriesdb/man/resolveOverlap.Rd timeseriesdb/man/storeTimeSeries.Rd timeseriesdb/man/getListDepth.Rd timeseriesdb/man/transactionUtils.Rd timeseriesdb/man/readTimeSeries.Rd timeseriesdb/man/createChoices.Rd timeseriesdb/man/createConObj.Rd timeseriesdb/man/deleteTimeSeries.Rd timeseriesdb/man/loadTsSet.Rd timeseriesdb/man/zooLikeDateConvert.Rd timeseriesdb/man/dbIsValid-methods.Rd timeseriesdb/man/deactivateTsSet.Rd timeseriesdb/man/listTsSets.Rd timeseriesdb/man/getMeta.Rd timeseriesdb/man/createHstore.Rd timeseriesdb/man/importTsList.Rd timeseriesdb/man/exploreDb.Rd timeseriesdb/man/activateTsSet.Rd

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